By: John Holbo
July 24, 2019

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witzend is, maybe, my favorite comics that, I admit, I don’t really like. Don’t get me wrong: I love it. Wood, Williamson, Frazetta, Krenkel, Ditko, Wrightson, Jones (before she was Jeffrey Catherine Jones), a very young Art Spiegelman. It’s worth the price of admission to see Spiegelman’s ‘flower child’ juvenilia cheek by jowl with Ditko’s hectoring, lecturing, libertarian-authoritarian “Mr. A”. Come for the slightly corny, nudy old John Carter, harness-and-tharks stuff! Stay for incipient trippiness of mid-’60s design sense. #9 is all W.C. Fields, with a truly great Jones cover.

witzend was Wally Wood’s zine-like, creator-controlled, underground/proto-Comix last-gasp attempt to achieve escape velocity from the constraints — financial and creative — of commercial comics.

Wood? One of the all-time greats. Absolute tower of the 1950’s EC-MAD Magazine era. Some of these other contributors likewise hail from that era, giving the production a time-out-of-joint vibe. Old-fashioned yet not-yet-fashioned.

witzend launched on an editorial ‘no policy’ wing and a prayer, in 1966. Boasting good print production, it ran 13 eccentric, intermittent issues before dying in 2004, in a housefire that consumed #14 and the archives. Wood sold his share for a princely $1 after #4, handing over to Bill Pearson, but continuing to contribute. (Hard to lay hands on a complete run of witzend until Fantagraphics fixed that in 2014. I can’t say I grew up on this stuff.)

But why don’t I like it, then?

To answer a question with a question: adult values? Mere shrapnel scatter-patterns — afterthoughts and aftereffects of blown tiny minds, reading comics. (Read the rest of the entries in this series if you don’t believe me about where adult values come from!) A corollary is that great comics, like the kids whose minds they blow up, are under pressure to ‘grow up’ — often awkwardly — in an attempt to measure up to their power. Comics is vast. These days, you can say, and draw, what you like. But, concerning those early decades, can’t help wondering: What would the early greats have done, if they had had freedom?

witzend is a tremendous clue — that’s why I love it — but it’s dismaying how it points to the conclusion: honestly, they hadn’t a clue. The Fantagraphics edition contains a lot of great interview material. For example, Spiegelman’s recollections of where Woods’ head seemed to be at: guy wanted to draw boobs, noodle around with second-hand Tolkien-isms and half-baked Freudian notions. That’s… alright.

Spiegelman’s mature Maus is what most people think when they hear ‘serious comics’. Graphic novels: I’m not here today to draw up a reading list of great, ‘indy’ comics creators of the past several decades. Too many! But if you want a sense of how hard it was for comics to ‘grow up’, becoming independent in great ways that are now familiar, I do have this pick: witzend. Never has failure of imagination been so imaginative. Visually lush, intermittently unsavory swirls of creative juices that — despite being rather genius — don’t know where to go.


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