December 30, 2017

Here’s what HILOBROW published in October, November, and December 2017. So much!

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We published the fourth PROJECT:OBJECT volume of object-oriented nonfiction narratives over the course of 4Q2017. This time around, we asked 25 contributors to reminisce about an object which they no longer possess: perhaps they lost it, or it was stolen, or they gave it away, sold it, or destroyed it? We assigned these stories to 25 talented illustrators — the results are spectacular.

Here’s the LOST OBJECTS series lineup:

INTRODUCTION | Kate Bernheimer on MULLET WIG (ill. Amy Evans) | Dan Piepenbring on COLOGNE (ill. Josh Neufeld) | Doug Dorst on STRATOCASTER (ill. John Holbo) | Paul Lukas on VANILLA BEAN (ill. Allison Bamcat) | Mimi Lipson on DODGE DART (ill. Mister Reusch) | Luc Sante on CLUB CHAIR (ill. Kate Bingaman-Burt) | Nina Katchadourian on FOUNTAIN PENS (ill. Lisa Congdon) | Matthew Sharpe on BAUBLE (ill. Glenn Jones) | Claire Lehmann on PEANUT-BUTTER CRACKERS (ill. Karen Kurycki) | Jessamyn West on ENGINEER RING (ill. Amanda Clarke) | Mandy Keifetz on ORGONE ACCUMULATOR (ill. Emory Allen) | Molly Sauter on DESKTOP DOG (ill. Shayna Piascik) | Amy Thielen on DOG-FUR SCARF (ill. Heather Kasunick) | Stephen O’Connor on HUNTING HAT (ill. Oliver Munday) | Alice Boone on COLLEGE NEWSPAPERS (ill. Rick Pinchera) | Dante Ramos on ROAD ATLAS (ill. Joe Alterio) | Alex Balk on SHOOTING GALLERY (ill. John Lowe) | Chelsey Johnson on NOTEBOOK (ill. Rubi McGrory) | Susannah Breslin on SILICONE VAGINA (ill. Jennifer Heuer) | Seth Mnookin on .22 REVOLVER (ill. Alex Eben Meyer) | Dan Fox on CONKER (ill. Linzie Hunter) | Lisa Takeuchi Cullen on GLASS CLOCK (ill. Rose Wong) | Michael Tisserand on WALKING SHOES (ill. Jackie Roche) | Jeff Turrentine on BASEBALL MITT (ill. Andrew DeGraff) | Randy Kennedy on SNAKE RATTLES (ill. Max Temescu).

Josh Glenn and Rob Walker are the editors of PROJECT:OBJECT. They are grateful to the LOST OBJECTS series’ writers and illustrators — many of whom have donated their fees to the ACLU. They are also grateful to Kate Bingaman-Burt, for the LOST OBJECTS volume logo.

You can help PROJECT:OBJECT donate to the ACLU by purchasing limited-time-only t-shirts, hoodies, totes, notebooks, and other P:O gear.



Adam McGovern’s semi-memoiristic, semi-culture-critical, always insightful column, THIS:, appeared weekly. As of 1Q2018, Adam will switch to writing a monthly Q&A and/or symposium. Here’s the 4Q2017 lineup:

OCTOBER: Name Branding: Q&A with Autonomous author Annaleee Newitz! | Object Impermanence: Each one deletes the thing they love | Worlds Gone Sad: Two forecasts from the Western lands | Watching a Ghost: On souls renewed and rerun.

NOVEMBER: Allegories of the Stage: Resurrections that won’t be televised | Red Falling Star: Soviet survivors un-bloc’d | Dashed Pessimism: DC Comics done justice | No immunity: Binging on punishment.

DECEMBER: Regular Order: Marvel’s Infinite Class War | The Fault in Our Stars: That guy in that assault | Drown: On the life of the mind aquatic | That Was That: It all comes down.

This year’s weekly ENTHUSIASM series, here at HILOBROW, is: #SQUADGOALS. We asked 52 of HILOBROW’s friends and contributors to wax enthusiastic about their favorite groups, circles, ensembles, teams, groups, crews, posses, and coteries.

Here’s the 4Q2017 #SQUADGOALS series lineup.

OCTOBER: Gary Panter on THE TRIBE OF HIPPIES | Peter Doyle on CORNEL WILDE BOYS | Ken Layne on THE MONKEY WRENCH GANG | Molly Wright Steenson on BAUHAUS

NOVEMBER: Katie Hennessey on BEAT POETS | Mimi Lipson on THE RUNAWAYS | Jordan Ellenberg on BOURBAKI | Michael Campochiaro on THE SUICIDE SQUAD | Deborah Wassertzug on THE BLOODHOUND GANG


Josh Glenn is editor of the #SQUADGOALS series. He is very grateful to all of the series’ contributors.



This fall, we began publishing a new HERMENAUTIC TAROT series of 24 installments, which — when completed, in 1Q2018 — will bring our HERMENAUTIC TAROT DECK to a full traditional complement of 78 cards. The deck is composed entirely of images drawn from HILOBROW friend John Hilgart’s 4CP archive.

Here’s the new-24 HERMENAUTIC TAROT series lineup.

OCTOBER: Lisa Jane Persky on EXPECTATIONS | Veda Hille on THE DUSTY REVEAL | Wayne Chambliss on THE RIDE-ALONG | Kenya (Robinson) on BALANCE BEAM | Ken Layne on THE DOPPELGÄNGER | David Levine on THE GROOVY | Joe Alterio on THE DROP-OFF

NOVEMBER: Jennifer Krasinski on PREDATORY VIGILANCE | Libi Rose on ELECTROMAGNETISM | Carl Wilson on THE TRACKER | Mimi Zeiger on THE RED MOON | Vanessa Berry on DARK MATTER | Peter Doyle on THE CHAIN OF FOOLS | Joy Press on THE WAYLAYER | Sarah Weinman on IN THE CORNER | Stephanie De Gooyer on THE INVASION

DECEMBER: James Hannaham on THE URBAN HAWK | Annalee Newitz on THE PUBLIC CHARIOT | Jace Clayton on THE BLEACHED FLAG | Chenjerai Kumanyika on THE VEIL

Still to come: Alexandra Molotkow on TBD | Molly Wright Steenson on PILE-ON PYLON | Melissa Gira Grant on THE FRONT DESK | Mike Watt on TBD

Josh Glenn and John Hilgart are this series’ editors. They are grateful to all HERMENAUTIC TAROT contributors, old and new.



We published four new installments in Josh Glenn’s BEST ADVENTURES series, which chronicles his ongoing attempt to identify the 10 best adventures from each year of the 20th century. Here’s the 4Q2017 lineup.

  • 1968: From Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö’s Den skrattande polisen (The Laughing Policeman) to Charles Portis’s True Grit and Lionel Davidson’s Making Good.
  • 1972: From Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Farthest Shore and Richard Adams’s Watership Down.
  • 1977: From Fritz Leiber’s Our Lady of Darkness and Geoffrey Household’s Hostage: London to Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle’s Lucifer’s Hammer and Gary Panter’s comic Jimbo.
  • 1982: From John Wagner, Alan Grant, and Carlos Ezquerra’s Judge Dredd comic “The Apocalypse War” to Richard Condon’s Prizzi’s Honor and L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth.

Each installment was first published as 10 individual posts.



In October, we started publishing NEW WAVE SCI-FI 75, a sequel to our GOLDEN AGE SCI-FI 75 and RADIUM AGE SCI-FI 100 series. NEW WAVE SCI-FI 75 aims to identify and describe Josh Glenn’s 75 favorite science-fiction novels published between 1964 and 1983. This series will continue into 2018.

Here’s the 4Q2017 lineup.

OCTOBER: J.G. Ballard’s The Burning World (1964) | Philip K. Dick’s Martian Time-Slip (1964) | William Burroughs’s Nova Express (1964) | Frank Herbert’s Dune (1965) | Philip K. Dick’s The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (1965).

NOVEMBER: Samuel R. Delany’s Babel-17 (1966) | Philip K. Dick’s The Unteleported Man (1966) | J.G. Ballard’s The Crystal World (1966) | Philip K. Dick’s Now Wait for Last Year (1966).

DECEMBER: Ursula K. Le Guin’s Rocannon’s World (1966) | Samuel R. Delany’s The Einstein Intersection (1967) | Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light (1967) | Harlan Ellison’s (ed.) Dangerous Visions (1967) | Anna Kavan’s Ice (1967).



Each month, Lynn Peril published a new installment in the series PLANET OF PERIL, which is devoted to her favorite obscure historical fads and figures.

Here’s the 4Q2017 lineup.

OCTOBER: VERY PERSONALLY YOURS: The wonderful world of menstrual education.

NOVEMBER: FEMININE FOREVER. “One of the great dangers of the menopause is that of sexual abnormality.”

DECEMBER: “MY BOSS IS A RATHER FLIRTY MAN.” “Long before the phrase ‘sexual harassment’ was coined by a group of activists in 1975, most of the advice given to the victims of ‘flirty’ bosses with busy hands was to avoid and ignore such behavior. Frequently, this was served up with the insinuation that the woman worker somehow ‘asked for it’.”

Each month, James Parker continued to bastardize THE KALEVALA, a Finnish sequence of folkloric songs, runes, and charms.

Here’s the 4Q2017 lineup.

OCTOBER: ACROSS THE ICE (being a departure from The Kalevala, Rune 30). “Until I can get up into this trance,/all is randomness, all mischance.”

NOVEMBER: SONG OF THE GUILTY VIKING (being a departure from The Kalevala, Rune 30). “Behind me, the busy flames,/the fun and games, the toppling frames.”

DECEMBER: THE WITCH’S DANCE (being a departure from The Kalevala, Rune 30). “Feel the emptiness, feel the yearning,/feel your grosser elements burning.”



We published a few terrific curated series during 4Q2017.

COOLING OFF THE COMMOTION. A series of posts featuring writing, music, and podcasting by HILOBROW friend Chenjerai Kumanyika.

WTC WTF. A series of posts featuring pre-9/11 images of the World Trade Center being attacked — contributed by HILOBROW friend Douglas Wolk, whose ALL OF THE MARVELS tumblr documents what he’s been reading for his forthcoming book.

NEVER BEGIN TO SING. A series subtitled 10 Prose Poems about Sound — by HILOBROW friend Damon Krukowski. Republished with the author’s permission from the 2004 collection The Memory Theater Burned (Turtle Point).

During the last few days of December, we started publishing the 12 DAYS OF SIGNIFICANCE (AGAIN) series, which reprints stories originally written — by 12 HILOBROW contributors and friends — for Josh Glenn and Rob Walker’s 2009–2010 anthropological-literary experiment SIGNIFICANT OBJECTS. The 4Q2017 lineup includes: Bruce Sterling on METAL BOOT | Colson Whitehead on WOODEN MALLET | Jenny Davidson on TOY HOT DOG | Kate Bernheimer on PINK HORSE | Lydia Millet on CHILI CAT | Matthew Sharpe on MULE FIGURINE | Meg Cabot on WOODEN ANIMAL. We’ll finish up this series in 1Q2018.



Photograph by William P. Gottlieb, ca. September 1947 / Library of Congress

Indefatigable researcher and HILOBROW friend Brian Berger turned up a lost bit of Thelonious Monk lore.

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of HILOBROW editor Josh Glenn’s infamous dotcom prank.

We republished “Conference Comms”, a fun piece of Star Trek fanfic by HILOBROW friend Flourish Klink.

On Christmas, we republished a Yuletide pastiche (we titled it “Lie the fuck down, Lord Jesus”) written in December by HILOBROW friend Madeline Ashby.


We are very grateful to the following first-time HILOBROW contributors: (October) Kate Bernheimer, Ken Layne, Dan Piepenbring, Doug Dorst, and Nina Katchadourian, plus illustrators Amy Evans, Josh Neufeld, Allison Bamcat, Mister Reusch, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Lisa Congdon, Glenn Jones, and Karen Kurycki; (November) Vanessa Berry, Stephen O’Connor, Dante Ramos, Alex Balk, Michael Campochiaro, Joy Press, and Stephanie DeGooyer, plus illustrators Amanda Clarke, Emory Allen, Shayna Piascik, Heather Kasunick, Oliver Munday, and John Lowe; (December) Susannah Breslin, Seth Mnookin, Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, Michael Tisserand, Jeff Turrentine, Randy Kennedy, Jace Clayton, Damon Krukowski, Bruce Sterling, Colson Whitehead, Lydia Millet, Meg Cabot, and Madeline Ashby, plus illustrators Rubi McGrory, Jennifer Heuer, Alex Eben Meyer, Linzie Hunter, Rose Wong, Jackie Roche, Andrew DeGraff, and Max Temescu.

On to 1Q2018…

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