By: Mimi Lipson
August 7, 2018

One of 25 installments in a series of enthusiastic posts analyzing and celebrating a few of our favorite TV shows from the Fifties (1954–1963).



The Beverly Hillbillies — A Glossary

a heap: quantifier. (See also: a might, a spell, clean, plumb)

big fancy eating table: pool table.

Californy: California.

cement pond: swimming pool.
Note stress on first syllable of ‘cement’:
— “Granny, can I go swimming in this here SEE-ment pond?”
— “Course not. I don’t allow nobody splashing around in my warsh water.”

cipher: to write.

critter: animal. (See also: varmint.)
— [Ellie enters with a goat, a raccoon, a pigeon, a possum, and a dog.] “I’m comin’. What can I do to help?”
— “You can get them varmints and them critters out of here. Don’t you know your Paw’s sick?”

doctor: to attend the misery, usually with a remedy.
— “Jethro, you go get me a mud dauber’s nest, retchweed, dog-bane, stump water, a dried beetle, and some lizard eggs. I’ve got doctoring to do.”

go to: to begin. (See also: get to; commence)
— “Mr. Drysdale said if we go to ploughing up the front yard, the whole neighborhood’ll come storming over.”

goomer: generic insult.

misery, the: unspecified illness.

pillar: pillow.
— “Yes, those southern mansions are beautiful. I suppose it has the large white pillars?”
— “It did, but we brung em along and put em on the beds out here.”

pot passer: pool cue.
— “Say, speaking of Thanksgiving, we can use the big fancy eating table. I just finished notching the last pot passer.”

powerful: intensifier.
— “Four o’clock’s powerful early.”
— “Not when you have the whole front yard to plough. And corn to plant. And taters, turnips, ruterbagers, and onions, and oats and barley and watermelon.”

remedy: medicinal preparation.

sobering-up mash: specialized remedy made from coon root, retchweed, skunk oil, chimney soot, spider webs, slippery elm ooze, turpentine, and a few more things that’s secret.

stock: cattle.
— “Mr. Drysdale says to me, ‘Mr. Clampett, you’ve got 25 million dollars in cash. You oughta put some of that money into stock.’”

store-bought lace-trimmed double barrel slingshot: brassiere.

varmint: non-beneficial critter.
— “Ellie May, get them varmints out of here.”
— “But Granny, they ain’t varmints. They’s my critters!”


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