March 25, 2019

Here’s a preview of HILOBROW’s publishing plans for April, May, and June 2019.

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During 2Q2019, PROJECT:OBJECT will publish its seventh volume of nonfiction narratives devoted to significant objects, here at HILOBROW. This time around, the volume’s theme is FETISHES.

Josh Glenn and Rob Walker, PROJECT:OBJECT’s directors, have asked 25 talented writers to recount true stories about objects with which they are obsessed, to which they are devoted, and from the influence of which they cannot escape!

Here’s the FETISHES lineup:

Josh Foer on DEATH MASK | Beth Lisick on MURDERED-OUT KFC BUCKET | Ramona Lyons on RABBIT BOX | Friederike Paetzold on OLD HANDS | Katya Apekina on MISSISSIPPI WATER | Matthew Daniel on PIPE CLEANER FIGURE | Christina Couch on LEECH ACTION FIGURE | Kenneth Goldsmith on THEWLIS SOCK | Matthew Sharpe on GLASSES | Katrina Brown Hunt on DAY OF THE DEAD FIGURINE | Niela Orr on IVERSON SNEAKERS | Toni Schlesinger on CLOUD ERASE BOARD | Carlo Rotella on TONE BAR | Hilary Greenbaum on FAMILY PHOTO | Mimi Lipson on CLAWFOOT TUB | Wayne Chambliss on MATRYOSHKA CHEST | Chelsea Barabas on SWITCHBLADE | Ciara O’Rourke on MOLLY McINTIRE DOLL | Kelli Anderson on MIURA-ORI FOLD | Shawn Wolfe on BOX OF AYDS | Alyssa Giacobbe on LOVE NOTE | Marc Weidenbaum on DUMMY JACK | Abby Rapoport on MAGNATILES | Bryn Smith on DUCK UMBRELLA | Kerry Lauerman on WALL ORGANIZER.

Josh and Rob are very grateful to this series’ contributors, many of whom have donated their fees to the ACLU. Thanks, Chris Piascik, for the uncanny FETISHES volume logo.


The weekly ENTHUSIASM series, at HILOBROW in 2019, is: SERIOCOMIC. We’ve invited 52 of HILOBROW’s friends and contributors to wax enthusiastic about some of their favorite comic books and strips. Here’s the 2Q2019 lineup:

Deb Chachra on ARKHAM ASYLUM | Judith Zissman on ERNIE POOK’S COMEEK | Alexandra Lange on BETTY (ARCHIE) | Catherine Newman on VERONICA (ARCHIE) | Josh Glenn on SPIRE CHRISTIAN COMICS | Adam McGovern on THE CREW | William Nericcio on ERRATA STIGMATA | Chelsey Johnson on DYKES TO WATCH OUT FOR | Sherri Wasserman on TANK GIRL | Tom Nealon on MEGATON MAN | Erin M. Routson on THE WEDDING OF SCOTT SUMMERS & JEAN GREY | Douglas Wolk on FRANK IN THE RIVER | Annie Nocenti on DICK TRACY

Josh Glenn is editor of the SERIOCOMIC series. He is very grateful to the series’ contributors, many of whom have donated their fees to the ACLU.


During 2Q2019, HILOBROW will publish additional installments in AFROFUTURISM, a 10-part series exploring the aesthetics and visual rhetoric of Afrofuturism, by HILOBROW friend Adrienne Crew. Here’s the proposed 2Q2019 lineup:



Lynn Peril will continue to surface and dimensionalize examples of “pink think” — ideas and attitudes about what constitutes proper female behavior — among other things, in her PLANET OF PERIL series.


Tom Nealon will continue to interrogate suspect food history, and embellish his findings with outlandish, yet compelling theories of his own, in his series STUFFED.


Adam McGovern’s new, irregular series OFF-TOPIC delivers over-the-transom, on-tangent essays, dialogues and subjective scholarship. We look forward to seeing what Adam has in store for us during 2Q2019. On what topics, you ask? We have no idea. He doesn’t like being shackled, man!


We’ll publish four new installments in the BEST ADVENTURES series, which chronicles Josh Glenn’s attempt to identify the 10 best adventures he’s read from each year of the 20th century. Here’s the 2Q2019 lineup:

  • BEST 1914 ADVENTURES, from Locus Solus and The Yellow Claw to At the Earth’s Core.
  • BEST 1924 ADVENTURES, from The Ship of Ishtar and The Amphibians to Beau Geste.
  • BEST 1929 ADVENTURES, from A Farewell to Arms and The Dain Curse to Emil and the Detectives.
  • BEST 1934 ADVENTURES, from The Postman Always Rings Twice and The Legion of Space to Terry and the Pirates.

Each BEST ADVENTURES installment will first be published as 10 individual posts.

ALSO: BEST YA & YYA LIT 1973, from The Dark is Rising and A Wind in the Door to Children of Morrow.


We’ve recently started publishing DIAMOND AGE SCI-FI 75, a weekly lit-list series that aims to identify Josh Glenn’s 75 favorite science-fiction novels published during the Eighties (1984–1993) and Nineties (1994–2003). Here’s the 2Q2019 lineup:

Margaret Atwood’s THE HANDMAID’S TALE | Orson Scott Card’s ENDER’S GAME | Greg Bear’s BLOOD MUSIC | Annie’s Nocenti’s LONGSHOT | Frank Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS | William Gibson’s COUNT ZERO | Alan Moore’s WATCHMEN | Octavia E. Butler’s DAWN | Iain M. Banks’s CONSIDER PHLEBAS | Paul Park’s SOLDIERS OF PARADISE | Iain M. Banks’s THE PLAYER OF GAMES | Octavia E. Butler’s ADULTHOOD RITES | William Gibson’s MONA LISA OVERDRIVE


Josh Glenn’s LISTEN, HOLLYWOOD! series will continue to offer unsolicited advice about which 20th-century adventure novels should be adapted as movies.


HILOBROW will continue to publish A IS FOR ADVENTURE, an irregular series featuring notes towards Josh Glenn’s The Adventurer’s Glossary, a work in progress which — like his previous books, The Idler’s Glossary and The Wage Slave’s Glossary — will smuggle ideology critique into a simple defining vocabulary or clavis.

Here’s the projected 2Q2019 A IS FOR ADVENTURE series lineup:



During 2Q2019, we’ll publish a few curated series — including DOWNTOWNE, comprising illustrations and text from an as-yet unpublished middle-grade illustrated novel, Henry Hudson and The Nethermen, written and drawn by HILOBROW friend Bradley Peterson.


HiLoBooks will continue to serialize P.G. Wodehouse’s LEAVE IT TO PSMITH (1923), the last and most rewarding of four novels featuring the dandy, wit, and would-be adventurer Ronald Eustace Psmith, here at HILOBROW.


On to 2Q2019…