June 23, 2018

Here’s a preview of HILOBROW’s publishing plans for July, August, and September 2018.

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Throughout the month of August, HILOBROW will publish 25 (+2) installments in a series of enthusiastic posts analyzing and celebrating a few of our favorite TV shows from the Fifties (1954–1963). Here’s the lineup:

TUBE YOUR ENTHUSIASM: Series Introduction | Luc Sante on LOONEY TUNES | Chris Spurgeon on THE THREE STOOGES | Adrienne Crew on MY THREE SONS | Barbara Bogaev on ROCKY & BULLWINKLE | Devin McKinney on THE TWILIGHT ZONE | James Hannaham on THE NAT KING COLE SHOW | Mimi Lipson on THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES | Jessamyn West on THE JETSONS | Gary Panter on THE OUTER LIMITS | Peter Doyle on THE MANY LOVES OF DOBIE GILLIS | Mark Kingwell on ROUTE 66 | Josh Glenn on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW | Lynn Peril on THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW | Rob Walker on LEAVE IT TO BEAVER | Dan Reines on DAVEY & GOLIATH | Adam McGovern on HIGHWAY PATROL | Erik Davis on HAVE GUN — WILL TRAVEL | Greg Rowland on THE PHIL SILVERS SHOW | Annie Nocenti on THE AVENGERS | Elizabeth Foy Larsen on GUNSMOKE | Sarah Weinman on NAKED CITY | Douglas Rushkoff on THE HONEYMOONERS | Kio Stark on ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS | Gordon Dahlquist on PERRY MASON | Brian Berger on CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU? | CODA: Crystal Durant on Marc Anthony & Pussyfoot shorts | CODA: Mike Watt on “A Stop at Willoughby”

Josh Glenn is editor of the TUBE YOUR ENTHUSIASM series. He is very grateful to the series’ talented and generous contributors — many of whom have donated their fees to the ACLU.



A magical charm and golden braces, statement beads and a princely jacket, an anachronistic hat and plastic shoes, conversation-provoking nail polish and laptop stickers…. In July, we’ll wrap up FLAIR, the fifth PROJECT:OBJECT volume — with a few final installments:

Hillary Chute on POCKET KNIFE | James Gaddy on RESTAURANT PEN | Davy Rothbart on SHOELACE BELT | David Hajdu on PINCE-NEZ | Bishakh Som on KNEE-HIGH BOOTS.

Rob Walker and Josh Glenn are the editors of PROJECT:OBJECT. They are very grateful to FLAIR’s contributors — many of whom have donated their fees to the ACLU.



Our weekly ENTHUSIASM series, this year, is: WOWEE ZOWEE. We’ve asked 52 of HILOBROW’s friends and contributors to wax enthusiastic about their favorite albums from the Nineties (1994–2003). Here’s the 3Q2018 lineup:

Veda Hille on THE SOFT BULLETIN | Vanessa Berry on TEENAGE SNUFF FILM | Tom Kipp on GET SKINTIGHT | David Hirmes on DOPETHRONE | JC Gabel on DESERTER’S SONGS | John Hilgart on YORK BLVD. | Deborah Wassertzug on JOURNEY TO THE END OF THE NIGHT | Adam McGovern on INVINCIBLE SUMMER | Crystal Durant on LIVE THROUGH THIS | Jen Collins on HURRAH | Flourish Klink on THE TEACHES OF PEACHES | Brian Berger on TIRED SOUNDS OF… | Jenny Davidson on TIME (THE REVELATOR)

Josh Glenn is the editor of the WOWEE ZOWEE series; he is very grateful to its contributors — many of whom have donated their fees to the ACLU.

We’ll continue publishing NEW WAVE SCI-FI 75, which aims to identify Josh Glenn’s 75 favorite science-fiction novels published during the Sixties (1964–1973) and Seventies (1974–1983). The complete list (a work in progress) is here. The 3Q2018 lineup includes:

John Harrison’s The Pastel City | Robert Heinlein’s Friday | John Brunner’s The Sheep Look Up | Michael Moorcock’s The English Assassin | Robert Silverberg’s Dying Inside | Barry Malzberg’s Beyond Apollo | J.G. Ballard’s Crash | Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow | Philip K. Dick’s Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said | Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Dispossessed | Gary Panter’s Dal Tokyo | Christopher Priest’s Inverted World | Samuel R. Delany’s Dhalgren.



Lynn Peril will continue to publish new installments in her monthly series PLANET OF PERIL, which is mostly devoted to examples of what she calls “pink think”: historical ideas and attitudes about what constitutes proper female behavior.

James Parker will continue to bastardize THE KALEVALA, a Finnish sequence of folkloric songs, runes, and charms.

Adam McGovern will continue to interrogate comic-book writers and artists for his twice-quarterly Q&A series PANEL ZERO, which uses comics as the nexus point for ripples or vectors through the culture.



In September, we will publish a new installment in the round-table discussion series textshow, which is hosted by Adam McGovern.



We’ll publish additional installments in Josh Glenn’s BEST ADVENTURES series, which chronicles his attempt to identify his 10 favorite adventures from each year of the 20th century. Here’s the 3Q2018 lineup:

  • 10 BEST ADVENTURES of 1948, from The Franchise Affair to Mr. Midshipman Hornblower
  • 10 BEST ADVENTURES of 1953, from Savage Night to The Long Goodbye
  • 10 BEST ADVENTURES of 1958, from Our Man in Havana to Have Space Suit — Will Travel
  • 10 BEST ADVENTURES of 1963, from The Wolves of Willoughby Chase to The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

Each installment will first be published as 10 individual posts.

HiLoBooks will continue serializing THE MAN WHO LOST HIMSELF, an obscure, amusing Avenger/Artful Dodger-type adventure novel by H. De Vere Stacpoole, first published 100 years ago — in 1918.

HILOBROW’s popular list of The 200 Greatest Adventure Novels (1804–1983) is here.



During 3Q2018, HiLoBooks will publish — here at HILOBROW, for the first time online! — three of the RADIUM-AGE INTRODUCTIONS & AFTERWORDS that we commissioned for our 2012–2013 paperback editions of 10 Radium Age science-fiction novels. Here’s the 3Q2018 lineup:

Astra Taylor vs. J.D. Beresford’s Goslings | Annalee Newitz vs. E.V. Odle’s The Clockwork Man | Gary Panter vs. Cicely Hamilton’s Theodore Savage

To mark the 110th anniversary of the publication of Jack London’s Radium Age sci-fi novel THE IRON HEEL, through the end of 2018 HiLoBooks will serialize the 1908 book — at the rate of approximately two installments per month — here at HILOBROW. George Orwell described London as having made “a very remarkable prophecy of the rise of Fascism”; let’s hope London’s prophecy isn’t also applicable to our own era.

HILOBROW’s popular list of The 100 Best Radium Age Sci-Fi Novels is here.



Beginning on the 4th of July, we’ll publish TAKING LIBERTIES, a Statue of Liberty-themed 10-part series from HILOBROW friend Douglas Wolk, whose ALL OF THE MARVELS tumblr documents what he’s been reading for his forthcoming book.

In September, we’ll publish a selection of 10 posts from a public Fellowship Journal (on tumblr) maintained by author and HILOBROW friend Mimi Lipson in April/May 2017, when she was exploring Montevideo, Uruguay as an apexart International Fellow.

We may publish other curated series during 3Q2018, too — stay tuned!


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