Aziz Ansari

By: Tucker Cummings
February 23, 2013


Whether you know him from his energetic standup specials, his creative sketch comedy series Human Giant, or his role as Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation, AZIZ ANSARI (born 1983) is one of the funniest comics working today. While still in college in 2000 (he earned a degree in Marketing from NYU), the South Carolina-bred Ansari started doing standup; by 2005, he was included in Rolling Stone’s “Hot List.” Ansari delivers his observations about the world with a heavy dose of self-deprecation; he does “overconfident because I’m overcompensating” far better than anyone else ever has. In recent years, however, much of his standup work has focused on love and relationships. Shortly before his 30th birthday, speaking with The A.V. Club to promote his Dangerously Delicious special, Ansari was candid about his view of true love: “It’s amazing and beautiful and uniquely wonderful, but unfortunately, elusive and sadly ephemeral.” Just the thing to keep the flames of comedy burning bright.




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