Chris Pontius

By: Joshua Glenn
July 16, 2010

Pontius (left) with fellow prankster Steve O.

Before the brilliant/jejune MTV show Jackass, there was the nearly as brilliant and every bit as jejune skateboarder/humor magazine Big Brother, for which prankster CHRIS PONTIUS (born 1974) and other future Jackass producers and cast members/guest stars (Jeff Tremaine, Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze) worked and wrote. On Jackass, Pontius was often nude, and always — hilariously, IMHO — a cherubic idler asshole. His early manifesto, “18 Ways to be an Asshole,” isn’t ideological, unless [Moorcockian] Chaos is a belief system: “1) After sex throw 5 bucks on your date and leave. 2) The next day ask for it back. 3) After sex beat your date up. 4) Get the giggles at church. 5) Start a fight or riot, then call the cops and even testify as a witness,” etc. To Pontius, whom one might, at the risk of mockery from one’s peers, compare to a Lakota Heyoka — i.e., a sacred clown who violates norms and taboos, rules and regulations, thereby preventing us from taking the dominant discourse for granted — belongs the distinction of having been fired from Big Brother. Even that shambolic gig, it seems, was too restrictive for him to tolerate.


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