September 24, 2021

Here’s a preview of HILOBROW’s publishing plans for October, November, and December 2021. Closing out our twelfth full year of publishing…

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We’ll publish two major series during 4Q2021…

We’ll publish a 25-part series — NERD YOUR ENTHUSIASM — on the topic of our favorite nerdy obsessions. Here’s the lineup:

INTRODUCTION by Peggy Nelson | Andrew Sempere on NERDING | Blanca Rego on RAIN | Lucy Sante on PSEUDONYMS | Heather Cole on AMERICAN GIRL | Nicholas Rombes on MAP INSERTS | Susan Roe on TIME | Mark Kingwell on SCALE MODELS | Jessamyn West on POST OFFICE | Josh Glenn on ARDUIN | Vanessa Berry on NEWSAGENCY AESTHETICS | Toby Ferris on EALING WW2 FILMS | Annie Nocenti on MOSS | Adam McGovern on JOAN SEMMEL | Gabriela Pedranti on CHILDREN’S BOOKS | Miranda Mellis on DOUBT | Tom Nealon on PAGE EDGES | Mandy Keifetz on NOVEL | Eric Weisbard on SUMMATIONS | Kio Stark on LOC CLASSIFICATION | Charlie Mitchell on REPO MAN | James Parker on SEINFELD | Heather Kapplow on NOTHING | Russell Bennetts on TBD | Vijay Parthasarathy on VIRTUAL TRAVEL | Marc Weidenbaum on NERD PROXIMITY.

Peggy Nelson is the NERD YOUR ENTHUSIASM editor. She is very grateful to the series’ contributors, many of whom have donated their honoraria to the ACLU.


Photo courtesy of Maria Swisher

PROJECT:OBJECT will return with a 25-part series — PROJECT:OBJECTIONABLE — about personal objects that sparked alarm, outrage, and bewilderment. Here’s the lineup, so far:

INTRODUCTION by Adam McGovern | Adrienne Crew on MAKIN’ BACON | Lynn Peril on BABY’S FIRST ASHTRAY | Lisa Levy on TOILETTE-À-TÊTE | Maria Swisher on STEALING GENIUS | Oliver Baer on CTHULHU SEX MAGAZINE | Yelena Tylkina on A DRINK TO DEATH | Elke Claus on URINAL SHRINE | Jeff Lewonczyk on SUSPENDERS OF DISBELIEF | Jenn Mehm on TWIN SKIN | Marlon Stern Lopez on SOUVENIR OF THE LAPD | Lauren Curtis on NAILED IT! | Josh Glenn on K-TEL TRUCKER TAPE | Fran Pado on THE BRIEF LIFE OF FRANCES POTTER | Nikhil Singh on HASHTAG FASHIONPOLICEPROBLEMS | Adam McGovern on PERSONA NON GRATA | Crystal Durant on LICENSE TO SHOCK | Dean Haspiel on DIRTY DOORKNOB | Justin J Bowen on UNKLE KRAMPUS | Annie Nocenti on STICKY FINGERS | Michele Carlo on THE MANY HATS OF CARMEN MOFONGO | Alice Meichi Li on BEDTIME FOR CATWOMAN | Whitney Matheson on GYNECOLOGICAL GOODFELLA | Ran Xia on PROJECT GREENCARD | Mimi Lipson on MEIN KITSCH | Art Wallace on ELECTRIC KOCH.

Adam McGovern is editor of the series PROJECT:OBJECTIONABLE. Along with PROJECT:OBJECT directors Josh Glenn and Rob Walker, he is very grateful to the series’ contributors, many of whom have donated their honoraria to the ACLU.


We’ll continue to run YUKO ODA, a 10-part series featuring works by the talented artist and HILOBROW friend Yuko Oda. Oda’s exhibit “The Heaviness and Lightness of Being” is at Fitchburg State’s Hammond Gallery from September 1 through October 8.


Peggy Nelson, shown at work here, will continue to investigate art and the virtual life through her two irregular series EYE CANDY and SIMULACRA.


Adam McGovern, shown at work here, will continue to deliver over-the-transom, on-tangent essays, dialogues and subjective scholarship via his monthly-ish series OFF-TOPIC.


HILOBROW friend (and co-editor emeritus) Matthew Battles, shown at work here, will continue to produce the series BESTIARY, which offers idiosyncratic investigations into how animals show up in human culture. Here’s the 4Q2021 lineup:

Heather Kapplow on SHREW: You cannot tame us. | Chris Spurgeon on ALBATROSS: No such thing as a lesser one. | Charlie Mitchell on JACKALOPE: This is no coney. | Vanessa Berry on PLATYPUS: Leathery bills leading the plunge. | Tom Nealon on PANDA: An icon’s inner carnivore reawakens. | Ramona Lyons on FOX | Matthew Battles on GORILLA.


Peggy Nelson’s series CROSS-POST will continue to introduce us to the output of some of her favorite bloggers. PS: The ANATOMY OF NORBITON series, which showcased entries from Toby Ferris’s eponymous website, is now wrapped up.


Frontispiece to Fridtjof Nansen’s In Northern Mists: Arctic Exploration in Early Times, 1911

We will continue to serialize proto-sf stories from the emerging genre’s RADIUM AGE, c. 1900–1935. (We began republishing Radium Age stories in Spring 2012; we’re now in our 10th year of doing so.) Coming up, during 4Q2021:

  • We will continue to serialize E. Nesbit’s 1908 augmented-intelligence story “The Third Drug”.
  • George Allan England’s 1923 alien-horror story “The Thing from ‘Outside.'”
  • Booth Tarkington’s 1926 science-fictional satire “The Veiled Feminists of Atlantis.”

We will also continue to serialize THE MOON POOL, a 1919 proto-sf novel — often cited as an influence on Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos — by Abraham Merritt.

HILOBROW’s Josh Glenn is editor of the RADIUM AGE series of reissued proto-sf novels and stories forthcoming in Spring 2022 from MIT Press. More info on this project here.


At Christmastime, we will publish a 12-part series — 12 DAYS OF SIGNIFICANCE — featuring installments from Josh Glenn and Rob Walker’s 2009–2010 anthropological-literary experiment SIGNIFICANT OBJECTS. This will be the seventh such series.

The five installments that will appear in December 2021 are: Thomas Bartlett on DEVICE | Claire Zulkey on FLINTSTONE PEZ | Betsey Swardlick on DILBERT | Sung J. Woo on BIRD FIGURINE | Tom McNeely on CAT MUG. Seven additional installments will appear in January 2022.



On to 4Q2021…