Exene Cervenka

By: Lynn Peril
February 1, 2014


EXENE CERVENKA (born 1956) has been a role model for legions of poetry-writing punk rock girls who emulated her wild-haired thrift-store Kiki de Montparnasse style and secretly dreamed of true love while getting felt up in the mosh pit. Onstage with X, she was revelation, a powerhouse combination of tough, sweet, sexy, and smart. Exene proved you didn’t have to carry your tits on a plate to front a band (apologies to St. Agatha). She and John Doe seemed older, more serious than their cohort in the Los Angeles punk scene, or at least they sang about heavier stuff, or maybe it was just because there were two of them and they were in love — and then they weren’t. I wasn’t going through a breakup the first time I heard “White Girl,” but Exene’s weary repetition of key words (“she’s blonde,” “nineteen”) in Doe’s lyric contemplating infidelity so neatly encapsulated the emotions of a relationship in disarray that I burst into tears. But Exene was nobody’s victim. She understood that while relationships come and go, art remains a constant. “The greatest thing about punk for me originally was that it was all about creating a new art and culture, replacing something shitty with something great,” she said.

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