Andrew Eldritch

By: Patrick Cates
May 15, 2010

If I had ever worked with ANDREW ELDRITCH (born 1959), the multi-talented and highly intelligent primadonna of the Leeds punk scene who fathered The Sisters of Mercy, I doubt I’d be paying tribute to him here. His difficult personality and control-freakery have infuriated and alienated collaborator after collaborator in the 30 years of the band’s existence. The only constant and unquestioning apostle that Eldritch has had in all of that time is Doktor Avalanche, his trusty drum machine. Luckily, though, I’ve never had to work in a studio under his direction. Instead, I’ve been able to watch and listen from a distance and become enchanted with his songwriting brilliance, his literary lyricism and his haunting baritone voice. Because Eldritch stopped recording new material in protest at the alleged greed and stupidity of EastWest Records, The Sisters of Mercy have only ever put out three albums of original material: First and Last and Always (1985), Floodland (1987) and Vision Thing (1990). But this small oeuvre has been enough in itself to define the goth and industrial musical genres and spawn hundreds of imitators. A listener might even say that Eldritch’s pain-in-the-arse egotism is the special ingredient, since it is Floodland, the album which he composed and recorded with virtually no assistance from anybody else, that marks the zenith of the Sisterly orbit. Some have called it the greatest goth album of all time. But, whatever you do, don’t tell Eldritch that. He’ll probably get in a tantrum and insist that The Sisters of Mercy have never been, and never will be, a goth band.


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