Lydia Lunch

By: Lynn Peril
June 2, 2014


The photo in New York Rocker remains seared in my consciousness some thirty years later: A young woman, with dark hair somewhere between a bob and a bowl cut, eyes outlined with kohl, and a necklace made of tiny skulls, levels a confrontational gaze at the camera. This was my introduction to LYDIA LUNCH (Lydia Koch, born 1959). She was still a teenager, only a couple years older than me, and her look projected everything I wanted mine to — namely, for everyone to leave me the fuck alone (though I would never have been able to articulate this at that moment in time). With that attitude, of course, she was in a band, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. The name was somehow at once more subtle and more shocking than that other group calculating outrage on the west coast, The Dead Kennedys, maybe because it was a girl who proclaimed herself Teenage Jesus. I made a mental note to pick up their single the next time I visited Jack’s Record Rack. It didn’t disappoint. The A-side, “Orphans,” opened with a throbbing bass line, joined by a pounding tom-tom, and a skronking guitar. Then Lydia sang, in a high-pitched, nasal squawk: “Little orphans running through the bloody snow, little orphans running through the bloody snow, through the blood, through the blood, through the blood.” It was a dark, noisy nursery rhyme, a fairy tale of frozen punk-rock match girls. I was mesmerized.


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