Lux Interior

By: David Smay
October 21, 2010

Step right this way, ladies and gents! See Erick Lee Purkhiser, an innocent child from Akron, Ohio, whose mental faculties were disturbed by Ghoulardi’s late-night Shock Theater movies and the offbeat radio emanations of Pete “Mad Daddy” Myers! Watch as Purkhiser transforms before your very eyes into LUX INTERIOR (1946-2009), a paragon of perversity who, along with partner Poison Ivy, remade rock and roll in his own bestial image — a music conceived in sin and dredged through the foulest depths of the human psyche! Often imitated, never duplicated, none can match the carnal depravity of The Cramps! The wanton gyrations, the reverb oscillations, the frantic tantrum of their mind-searing music! You will actually see him cry ninety-six tears from ninety-six eyes, and witness the braces on his fangs. You will wither beneath the dominating gaze of Ivy, thrill at Lux’s strangely compelling vocal utterances! Learn things undreamt of in your petty philosophies! Step right this way…


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