Brian Eno

By: David Smay
May 15, 2009


The contemporary iteration of BRIAN ENO (born 1948) as cerebral master of oblique strategies is certainly worth considering. But my affection is for the balding, androgyne playboy of the early Seventies. Nobody had more sex in 1972 than Eno, and nobody seemed to be having more fun. He ditched his classical clarinet training to mar the finish on Roxy Music with blasts and blurps of electronic noise, while wearing costumes that would make Bob Mackie tap his lips thoughtfully and murmur, “That might be a little much.” Forget Discreet Music, I love him for his yodeling, post-glam, proto-punk single “Seven Deadly Finns.”


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, L. Frank Baum, Andrew Eldritch.

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