The School on the Fens (29)

By: Robert Waldron
August 24, 2013


HILOBROW is proud to present the twenty-ninth installment of Robert Waldron’s novel The School on the Fens. New installments will appear each Saturday for thirty-eight weeks. CLICK HERE to read all installments published thus far.



Iris and I were having dinner when I told her about Ed’s confrontation with Farrell.

“Honey, I admire Ed’s pluck, but he’s — he’s so alone.”

“He’s not alone. Maria, Jim and I are behind him, and of course he has Ronny.”

“But you three have tenure, and Ed is so young and vulnerable.”

“If Farrell tries to fire Ed, he still has to go through the school committee, which he won’t risk. He’s got too much to hide, and a mere hint about what he did with Tim would end his career.”

“Would Tim back you up?”

“Don’t know.”

“Why wouldn’t he?”

“He’s ashamed of being gay.”

Iris piled my plate with more pasta and refilled our wineglasses.

“It’s too bad Ed had to begin his teaching career in that cesspool.”

“I work in a cesspool?”

“Honey, let’s not argue.”

We ate silently, but I was curious.

“How come you like Ed so much?”

“Because he’s still pure.”

“And the rest of us aren’t?”

“I don’t mean that,” she said, pausing to find the right words. “Ed hasn’t yet been sullied.”

“I was like Ed once,” I said nostalgically.

“Honey we all were, but life takes over, and we lose our innocence.”

She sipped her wine.

“When we meet someone like Ed,” her voice softening, “we gravitate toward him because he reminds us of what we lost.”

“Either you’re getting a lot wiser or you’re drunk,”

“Oh, shut up and give me a kiss.”

We kissed.

“Will Farrell give in to Ed’s demands?” Iris asked.

“I think he will. If Tim’s story gets into the Globe, he’d look like a fool.”

“That Farrell’s a bastard.”

“Honey, I’ve been telling you that for years, and now because of Ed, you finally believe me.”

She gulped the last of her wine, “I admit I’ve often thought you were exaggerating. How the hell did Farrell dupe everyone, becoming the head of the country’s best public school.”

“Duping people is part of the human condition, happens all the time,” I said.

“And when did you become so wise?”

“Listening to you.”

“Go to hell,” she said, laughing, and began to clear the table.

Later I couldn’t sleep, wondering if things would go our way tomorrow.


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