Murray Bookchin

By: Mark Kingwell
January 14, 2015


Prolific political theorist and tireless activist MURRAY BOOKCHIN (1921–2006) defies all labels, usually by his own command. He was an anarchist who rejected the term when its contemporary American advocates indulged in individualistic “lifestyle” politics. He was a socialist libertarian who warned that class-based Marxist centralism would undermine Students for a Democratic Society. He was an anti-technocratic urbanist who nevertheless condemned neo-Situationism as “ad hoc adventurism.” These intramural disagreements, and dozens more, are explored in a lifetime of writing; but perhaps Bookchin’s most ground-breaking contribution is the connection he made, as early as the 1950s, between challenging power and preserving the environment: so-called Green Anarchism. From his earliest publications, Bookchin held the utopian conviction that contemporary “post-scarcity” technological conditions could free people of drudgery. But this could only be achieved with a combination of decentralized, face-to-face democratic politics and committed trusteeship of the natural world. He left Manhattan for Vermont in 1971, and though he would travel and move many times, he was a Vermonter when that still implied, for many, a presumptive commitment to social ecology — among other things offering a sharp criticism of Unilever-owned Ben & Jerry’s-style “ethical consumerism.” He died in Burlington of heart failure, still writing and arguing vigorously, at 85.

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