Alexander Berkman

By: Brian Berger
November 21, 2011

On July 23, 1892, the Vilnius-born printer and anarchist ALEXANDER BERKMAN (1870-1936) entered the Pittsburgh office of Carnegie Steel’s union-busting chairman Henry Clay Frick, drew his .38 caliber Hopkins & Allen revolver and fired three times. Frick lived. Berkman meant his act as “attentat” — action as propaganda. Newspapers called him “An Anarchist Crank” and the law called it attempted murder, for which he’d serve fourteen years in a Pennsylvania prison. Berkman was a greater writer than assassin: free again, he edited ex-lover Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth, published his memoirs and in 1916, founded his own paper, The Blast (not to be confused with Wyndham Lewis’ Blast of 1914), in San Francisco. There, Berkman was a leading suspect in the deadly July 22, 1916 Preparedness Day bombing and afterwards worked to free Tom Mooney and Warren Billings, the local labor leaders whom prosecutors framed for the deed. When war came in Spring 1917, and with it the Espionage Act criminalizing anti-militaristic dissent, Berkman and Goldman were among the first convicted, imprisoned and, in December 1919, deported to Russia, whose horrors they’d recount in Goldman’s My Disillusionment With Russia (1923-24) and Berkman’s The Bolshevik Myth (1925). In America, to which he’d never return, Berkman was missed. “The years of solitude had turned the fiery, idealistic anarchist,” Theodore Dreiser told the Jewish Journal in 1930, “into a man who walks with bent head, muttering between pursed lips, quietly, of the world’s injustices.”

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