By: Judith Zissman
August 23, 2017

One in a series of enthusiastic posts, contributed by HILOBROW friends and regulars during 2017, on the subject of our favorite squads.


“If you’re going to be a member of the universe you have to keep joining.” — Judith Merril on #squadgoals in her memoir Better to Have Loved

I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy as a kid. Anne McCaffrey, Robert Heinlein, and the other usual suspects — but also odd little pulp paperbacks with strange bright futuristic covers. I was delighted to find my own name, Judith, on one of those books and proudly showed my dad. “Oh,” he said, “Judith Merril. That’s your great-aunt. She was married to my uncle Dan, so she was Judith Zissman, like you. The Merril part comes from her daughter’s name.”

Through her, I discovered the Futurians, a tribe of oddball genius science fiction fans, authors, and editors. Polyamorous Trotskyist pranksters who played word games and shared a pen name and built a secret passageway between their adjoining apartments. Donald Wollheim, Johnny Michel, Frederik Pohl, Isaac Asimov, Cyril Kornbluth, Virginia Kidd, Damon Knight and a handful of others. They filled the pages of the pulps and digests: Galaxy and Thrilling Wonder and Amazing Stories and Wonder Stories and Astounding Stories of Super Science and more.

Judy wrote ten books and nearly 50 short stories. She left my great-uncle for Frederik Pohl, then left Pohl for Walter Miller. She renounced her American citizenship during the Vietnam War and moved to Canada. I met her for the first and only time shortly before her death and tried to explain what it had meant to me to discover the worlds she and the Futurians invented and inhabited, that she’d been a secret room in the all-too-ordinary house of my own family, a space of possibility, the first time I realized that I might someday find my own strange band of outsiders, make unexpected choices, and find entire new universes.

PHOTO: Taken by the late Lynn Hickman at the first Nolacon in 1951, and posted online by Curt Phillips.


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