By: Douglas Wolk
July 24, 2018

The Statue of Liberty is a persistent presence in Marvel’s comics — sometimes just as a scene-setter to establish that a story’s taking place in New York, but more often as a physical presence with symbolic weight. This series spotlights some of the statue’s more interesting appearances in Marvel’s pages.



The Statue of Liberty was closed to the public while it underwent restoration from early 1984 to the summer of 1986; its original torch was replaced altogether. The old torch was shipped to California to appear in the 1985 Rose Bowl Parade, an incident that inspired the story (presented as a flashback) in 1987’s Web of Spider-Man #28, by Bob Layton, Steve Geiger and Vince Colletta. (The story suggests that the torch that appeared in the parade wasn’t the real one — at least in the Marvel universe.)

The scaffolding that covered the statue during that period appeared in 1985’s Amazing Spider-Man #264, by Craig Anderson and Paty Cockrum, and again in 1986’s Captain America #323, by Mark Gruenwald, Paul Neary and John Beatty. In the parallel universe seen in 1995’s Prime #∞, by Gerard Jones, Len Strazewski, John Statema, Philip Moy and Larry Welch, the statue’s restoration seems to have taken place a decade later (and Prime uses its torch as a projectile once again).

Finally, in 2018’s Doctor Strange: Damnation #1, by Nick Spencer, Donny Cates and Rod Reis, a wrecked Statue of Liberty is magically restored — but it’s not the original statue, but its 1/3-scale replica in Las Vegas, which had been destroyed during the “Secret Empire” crossover the year before.



One in a series of ten posts contributed by HILOBROW friend Douglas Wolk, whose ALL OF THE MARVELS tumblr documents what he’s been reading for his forthcoming book.

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