July 24, 2012

Inspired by the success of last summer’s KIRB YOUR ENTHUSIASM series (25 posts, by 25 authors, about Jack “King” Kirby), next week HILOBROW will launch a 25-part series dedicated to the one, the only Captain James T. Kirk. The series’ 25 contributors will examine this key science fiction character from every angle — social, political, cultural, psychological, historical, dramaturgical, epistemological — but always lovingly.

KIRK YOUR ENTHUSIASM was made possible thanks to the generosity of (HiLoBrow friend and contributor) Greg Rowland, Star Trek aficionado and impresario of Greg Rowland Semiotics. Not only did Greg make this series worth the participants’ while, but upon the series’ conclusion he will donate $500 to a charity dear to William Shatner’s heart!

HiLobrow also wishes to thank our friend and contributor Adam McGovern, who went above and beyond the call of duty in his efforts to help us recruit the best possible writers…

Here’s a preview of the series’ installments. Stay tuned! It’s going to be amazing.


Justice or vengeance? by DAFNA PLEBAN

Kirk teaches his drill thrall to kiss by MARK KINGWELL


“No kill I” by STEPHEN BURT

Kirk browbeats NOMAD by GREG ROWLAND

Kirk’s eulogy for Spock by ZACK HANDLEN

The joke is on Kirk by PEGGY NELSON

Kirk vs. Decker by KEVIN CHURCH

Good Kirk vs. Evil Kirk by ENRIQUE RAMIREZ

Captain Camelot by ADAM MCGOVERN

Koon-ut-kal-if-fee by FLOURISH KLINK

Federation exceptionalism by DAVID SMAY

Wizard fight by AMANDA LAPERGOLA

A million things you can’t have by STEVE SCHNEIDER

Debating in a vacuum by JOSHUA GLENN

Klingon diplomacy by KELLY JEAN FITZSIMMONS

“We… the PEOPLE” by TRAV S.D.

Brinksmanship on the brink by MATTHEW BATTLES

Captain Smirk by ANNIE NOCENTI

Sisko meets Kirk by IAN W. HILL

Noninterference policy by GABBY NICASIO

Kirk’s countdown by PETER BEBERGAL

Kirk’s ghost by MATT GLASER

Watching Kirk vs. Gorn by JOE ALTERIO

How Spock wins by ANNALEE NEWITZ



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