The Bourne Variations (6)

By: James Parker
June 3, 2016




In the country of winter, in a winter field,
there are dead manes of whitened grass,
and sounds that grow like crystals,
and a man in a black coat
who walks and waits, walks and waits.
The good old family shotgun —
pheasant-blaster, tumbler of rabbits —
is now the instrument of his thought,
and his thought devastates.

Goof! One barrel.
Up goes the oil tank
in a huge unctuous gesture of fatty smoke.

Assassin’s eye, you draw no bead
on Jason Bourne. Your sniper sight
roams and blurs. What you need
is a bit more time. Yeah, right.

He walks with a stiff bounce.
When he waits, there is nothing.
A stirring of frozen stalks.
Desultory commentary of the local rooks:
This one is dead as the grass.
Let him pass, let him pass.

Bang! One barrel.
Birds lift from the field in a gust of fright.
Bourne watches. The bird-dots coalesce,
bird-mind in the form of a cliff or a cloud
that tilts away over the field
until something twists it, some aversion,
causing it to swerve and repattern.
Now he knows where his enemy is.

One barrel. Both barrels. Boom boom.
Crumple, assassin, into the frosty clods.
“Do you get the headaches? I get such
      bad headaches…”
You are brothers, made by the same
      terrible gods.



During 2016, James Parker contributed a monthly series of poems, to HILOBROW, about Jason Bourne movie scenes.

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Series banner contributed by Rick Pinchera.


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