The Bourne Variations (7)

By: James Parker
July 1, 2016




In the big dusty doll’s house in the autumn
lives the princess who is also a cutting-edge
She wanders up and down the spiralling
she sits alone in the enormous kitchen,
until one day a death squad comes for her,
      a D-Track team,
smiling with the mouth only,
      complimenting the house,
advising the princess to be calm, be calm,
and then holding her down so it can shoot
      her with her own gun.

At which point, like a magic teddy bear,
like the toy/pet/friend/avatar who will
      always rescue you, always,
Aaron Cross comes bursting out of the
      dusty old cupboard.
Saved! One he kills with the edge of a table,
one he wounds with an improvised nailgun
      and then punches to death,
one he shoots brusquely and directly, and
      the last one
he shoots through a door, leaving nice
      shafts of pollen-y light
lasering quietly through the bullet-holes.
Then he burns the house down.

Now he’s a lonely boy, this Aaron Cross,
and he needs his meds, and he even gets a
      bit aggro,
a bit junkie-demanding, with the princess
shouting Where are the chems? Where do
      you keep the chems?

But there’s some great tenderness between
unexplored but not unexpressed
for she has touched his body many times
(in the lab, that is) — taking samples,
administering doses, putting him to sleep
      where necessary —
and he quietens, and looks at her deeply
      and seriously,
and continues to save her life.

So there it is, children: he’ll come back
      to you,
the knotty little super-soldier of your
      not-quite dreams.
You were distantly kind to him once,
and he’ll remember that
when he comes back burning down



During 2016, James Parker contributed a monthly series of poems, to HILOBROW, about Jason Bourne movie scenes.

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Series banner contributed by Rick Pinchera.


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