The Bourne Variations (1)

By: James Parker
January 15, 2016




Aaron Cross,
there’s a sense of loss,
as you swipe at the wolfpack with a
      flaming brand,
and tap those blue pills into the palm of
      your hand.
A sense of lag.
We don’t like what we’re seeing:
you, sitting on crags,
contemplating the dwindling chemistry of
      your being.

Wolf-wires traverse this wilderness
and the singular note of winter rings from
      tree to tree.
Behold the peaks in their dull ecstasy.
You feel OK, more or less,
with your seamed and scrunched-up
      Jeremy Renner face
and your virally enhanced ability to
      survive anyplace.
From icy water you burst like a savior.
We’re a little concerned about
      your behavior.

You note the particulars.
You know what you know.
You need the pills or your mind
      goes sluggish.
Observed through binoculars,
an elk flounders in knee-high snow
with wolves hanging off him like luggage.

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During 2016, James Parker contributed a monthly series of poems, to HILOBROW, about Jason Bourne movie scenes.

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Series banner contributed by Rick Pinchera.


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