The Bourne Variations (9)

By: James Parker
September 2, 2016




Jason Bourne, fifth in the cycle, is a movie
      best missed.
The director co-wrote the screenplay with
      the make-up artist.
Or with the grip, or the gaffer, or the
      best boy.
At any rate, he wrote it with someone who
      wasn’t Tony “Michael Clayton” Gilroy.
And Gilroy is the master of the Jason
      Bourne mythos.
He plucked Bourne from an airport
      paperback and gave him poetry and pithos.
Gilroy supplies the sadness when Bourne
      goes solemnly and bureaucratically
      berserk. He
Supplies the depth, and any Bourne movie
      that he did not write is an automatic turkey.

Jason Bourne uses all the classic Bourne
But so clumsily, so crudely, that we who
      love the classic tropes feel like dopes.
Must Bourne be pursued again by crooked
Must he again look swollen with
      significance, while having nothing to say?
Must he again be surveilled and
On multiple screens, in multiple scenes,
      while the Agency fails to get him whacked?
The plot is crass. The great Bourne memory
      mystery is misused.
And certain scenes will make no sense to
      you, because through the previous scene
      you snoozed.

Don’t see this movie: it’s a reverse blaster, a
      time-travelling disaster, a shockwave of
      such shiteness
That its wrongness blows backward and
      defeats the earlier rightness.
In conception it is sufficiently forlorn
To almost put you off Jason Bourne.
It bloats the franchise.
It increases its pantsize.
I did enjoy the bit where Bourne, by
      suddenly opening a metal door,
Puts a goon on the floor.
That stunning little ping!
Was quite the thing.
(Or was it more of a clang?
In which case: quite the thang.)
But even so:

bourne damon


During 2016, James Parker contributed a monthly series of poems, to HILOBROW, about Jason Bourne movie scenes.

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Series banner contributed by Rick Pinchera.


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