Song for the Hares

By: James Parker
November 30, 2020

James Parker, whose Cocky the Fox stories and poems we serialized from 2010–2011, and whose Kalevala bastardizations we published from 2016–2018, has recently returned from England bearing a gift: this poem, for HILOBROW’s readers. Enjoy!



Now I am invisible.
Now I am revealed.
Now smokes the rain again, again,
across the sideways field.
I jink and jag, I run zig-zag,
you’ll catch me when I tire,
and my swivel eye will freeze when I
with little screams expire.
Crop-circler, midfield king,
hear me sing.

The moon’s my moody lady,
I abide her whims and rages.
Her nurse I’ll be when she goes feeble
in her latter stages.
When she’s broad gold at harvest time
I’ll join her in a drink.
Fat pills I take like old Nick Drake
when she starts turning pink.

The oak in its throes
grips the earth with dinosaur toes.
The roots of the churchyard yew
run your buried body right through.
I live in my rhyme.
I get killed all the time.
I am the undead doornail
and I ride like a rocket
between the horns of the snail.

Artwork by Kristin Parker.


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