June 30, 2023

Here’s what HILOBROW published during April, May, and June 2023.

We’re grateful to new contributors Paul Finnegan, Carolyn Campbell, Amy Keyishian, and Cynthia Scott — and to Heather Quinlan, for bringing them into the fold.

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Also see: HYPOCRITE IDLER 2Q2023.


During 2Q2023, we published TEEN YOUR ENTHUSIASM, a series of 25 enthusiastic posts, contributed by 25 HILOBROW friends and regulars, on the topic of heartthrobs from our adolescences. Here’s the lineup:

INTRODUCTION by Heather Quinlan | Adam McGovern on ANDY GIBB | Crockett Doob on DREW BARRYMORE | Kathy Biehl on THE MONKEES | Josh Glenn on SHAUN CASSIDY | Catherine Christman on ELI WALLACH | Carlo Rotella on VALERIE BERTINELLI | Miranda Mellis on EDDIE VAN HALEN | Paul Finnegan on KIM WILDE | Heather Quinlan on MIKE PATTON | Mariane Cara on NKOTB | Mimi Lipson on ARLO GUTHRIE | Gabriela Pedranti on GUSTAVO CERATI | Michele Carlo on MICHAEL JACKSON | Ingrid Schorr on PAUL McCARTNEY | Carolyn Campbell on ROBERT REDFORD | Erin M. Routson on JOHNNY KNOXVILLE | Amy Keyishian on JIM MORRISON | Fran Pado on TONY DEFRANCO | Krista Margies Kunkle on LUKE PERRY | Lucy Sante on FRANÇOISE HARDY | Lynn Peril on DANNY BONADUCE | Jack Silbert on CHERYL TIEGS | Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons on CHRISTIAN SLATER | Cynthia Scott on LEONARD WHITING | Elizabeth Foy Larsen on OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN.

Heather Quinlan is the TEEN YOUR ENTHUSIASM series editor. She is very grateful to the series’ contributors, many of whom donated their honoraria to Covenant House, which provides housing and supportive services to youth facing homelessness.


Illustration by Ena Nealon

Tom Nealon continued to contribute new installments in CONDIMENT ABECEDARIUM, an apophenic food-history series. Here’s the 2Q2023 lineup:



IN THE MYSTERY CAVE is a three-part series, by HILOBROW friend Colin Dickey, on Betty Boop’s Snow-White, Twin Peaks, and the erotic life of things.

Thanks, Boing Boing, for the shout-out!


Via the series HERMENAUTICA, Josh continued to present pages scanned from back issues of Hermenaut, the DIY intellectual zine/journal that he edited and published from 1992–2001.


Paul Klee’s The Barbed Noose with the Mice (1923)

Josh contributed a few sub-installments to MOUSE, a late-breaking addition to the ongoing BESTIARY series. Here’s the 2Q2023 lineup:

MOUSE (INTRO) | PRE-MICKEY MICE (1904–1913) | PRE-MICKEY MICE (1914–1923) | PRE-& POST-MICKEY MICE (1924–1933) | POST-MICKEY MICE (1934–1943) | POST-MICKEY MICE (1944–1953) | POST-MICKEY MICE (1954–1963)


SCREENSHOTS is a new monthly series offering a glimpse of Josh’s works in progress.


Photo by Igor Peftiev on Unsplash

HAIKAI is a new series of poems by HILOBROW friend and contributor Charlie Mitchell. Haikai are informal, spontaneous collections of linked haiku-like poems.



PHOTO DUMP is a new monthly series of snapshots taken by HILOBROW’s Josh Glenn.


We continued to publish installments in HADRON AGE SF — a weekly series via which Josh aims to identify his 75 favorite sf adventures published between 2004 and 2023. The list in progress is here. Here’s the 2Q2023 lineup:

Annalee Newitz’s THE FUTURE OF ANOTHER TIMELINE | William Gibson’s AGENCY | Jonathan Lethem’s THE ARREST | Martha Wells’s NETWORK EFFECT.

The series is on hiatus until 4Q2023.


AI-assisted illustration for Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson by HILOBROW

Here at HILOBROW, during 2Q2023 we continued to serialize some of Josh’s favorite Radium Age proto-sf. Here’s the lineup:


HILOBROW also published further installments in the series RADIUM AGE POETRY. Here’s the 2Q2023 lineup:

D.H. Lawrence’s BOMBARDMENT | Robert Graves’s WELSH INCIDENT | D.H. Lawrence’s TO LET GO OR TO HOLD ON —? | Nancy Cunard’s ZEPPELINS | W.J. Turner’s MISS AMERICA | Julian Huxley’s TO A DANCER | W.B. Yeats’s SAILING TO BYZANTIUM | John Collings Squire’s THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST | D.H. Lawrence’s WELLSIAN FUTURES | Julian Huxley’s COSMIC DEATH | Robinson Jeffers’s SCIENCE | D.H. Lawrence’s SUBURBS ON A HAZY DAY | A.S. Eddington’s ONE THING IS CERTAIN | Rudyard Kipling’s THE TRADE | Emil Raymond’s REFRACTION OF LIGHT | D.H. Lawrence’s THE TRIUMPH OF THE MACHINE.

Also during 2Q2023, Josh began to sort these poems into themes. Please enjoy this new page.

In June, here at HILOBROW, we published SISTERS OF THE RADIUM AGE — an extraordinary resource compiled by Lisa Yaszek and two of her students.


During 2Q2023, we republished the following series that first appeared elsewhere.

Via the series PALIMPSEST, installments in which were originally posted by Josh to Instagram, we shared some of his street photography of “texts” where later writing has effaced original writing — of which traces remain.


On to 3Q2023…