Keepers (8)

By: Stephanie Burt
July 27, 2016

One in a series republishing 10 poems — about everyday objects and pop culture avatars — by HiLobrow friend and contributor Steph Burt.




I wake in the dark. My face is a stunned
Cathode ray tube, a pomegranate
Unharmed. If I were a girl, I would be a girl.
I hate my career, I want to go home
To Avonlea. I am a tortoise shell,
A bell on an alarm clock, a Les Paul.
There are rarely men in my dreams.

The fear in your eyes is no less real
For having bounded up from Ariel
Than the disappointed stars on the movie
If I were only a girl, I could give you a hand.

Each afternoon the off-white trumpet-
I just miss touching on my way home from
Crumple like pillowcases, like antique
It must be the dew that lifts them
Before first light: clarinet, English horn,
Querulous soprano saxophone.
They are the hills in “Sheep in Fog,”
Tight-lipped in their straight lines.

There are rarely men in my dreams.
One time I became the famous skyscraper
Whose windows littered Boston during
A sparkling skirt spiraling through updrafts.

I wake in the dark. The battle of frogs and
Continues under my floorboards.
Somebody from Reuters is there with a big
And a microphone on her collar. Can’t you
Can you take me with you to Avalon?
Can you make a prediction for 1995?
If I were a girl, I could follow you, I say.
The woman from Reuters motions me to
A decisive skirmish is taking place.
The bullfrogs are winning.
All the mice are wearing my pink

Reprinted from POPULAR MUSIC (1999) by Stephen Burt with the permission of the author and the Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University.




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