By: James Parker
September 22, 2017

The Kalevala is a sequence of folkloric songs, runes and charms from the Karelia region of Finland, collected in the field and concatenated into epic form by Dr. Elias Lonnrot (1803-1884). The versions presented here are not translations or transliterations — they are respectful bastardizations, working from the 1963 English version of the Kalevala produced by the versatile and witty Francis Peabody Magoun Jr.



[being a bastardization of The Kalevala, Rune 30, lines 185–188]

The moon she raised her white and crater’d
above the sea-crust. Meanly sparkled stars,
and ground the heavens with the rolling of
      huge frost-cars.
It was a wicked place,
Their heads were aching.
The albatross, frozen stiff
as glass, dropped from the air and
on a wave’s unyielding quiff.
Nothing mattered.

“Wulfi, take my hand, old pal.
Will I go mad here? Will I?”
They were breathing frozen albatross,
in slivers and scintillae.

Said Wulfi:
“To nobler feelings let us not pretend.
This place is very weird.
I foresee no relief.
So pass me your emptied cup, friend:
I’ll wring the tears from my soggy beard
and make a full flagon of grief.”

They talked thus, the two voyagers,
while nonsense attacked them in goblin
and their words broke into dots and

Said Lemminkainen:
“In boyhood I was lyrical indeed.
I blundered big-eyed into bogs,
where the marsh sprite, with his bog-sweet
played notes for me on a hollow reed.

I nibbled now and again
at the tuna melt of melancholy.
But nothing serious, nothing lasting.
I lived for gaiety and folly!

Now I wonder, could I just sit and be
with the fiendish and fixated simplicity
of a bluebottle on a cowpat?
Would my nervous system allow that?

What do you think, Wulfi?
Should I lay down my war axe
and sit in the shit
and rotate beautiful colors in my bluebottle

But Wulfi was all preoccupied and full of
And he grimaced, and wept, and spoke a

“You wander here, you wander there,
a mourner on the unmarked roads,
until the Great Bear claps his paws
and your head explodes.”


Series banner contributed by Rick Pinchera.

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