A Rondel for HiLo Heroes (4)

By: Joshua Glenn
January 1, 2013

As HiLobrow embarks on its 5th year of publishing, here’s the 4th annual “Rondel for HiLo Heroes” (ABAB/CDDC/EFFEF), in which I celebrate 13 of the HiLo Heroes about whom HILOBROW’s contributors wrote during the preceding year.


rion Gysin altered perception via cut-ups and the Dreamachine;

ddie Cochran sang “First we’ll hop, yeah-yeah-yeah, then we’ll bop”;

edy Lamarr invented “frequency hopping” and climaxed onscreen;

duardo Paolozzi’s “Rich Man’s Plaything” introduced Art to Pop.


obert Desnos was surrealistically romantic about Youki;

arcus Aurelius urged us to consider every thing’s true essence;

lsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven lived by a principle of non-acquiescence;

eneh Cherry shared with us an un-P.C. wet dream: “Kootchi.”


ngela Carter abraded the British literary canon with friction;

-God is an overlooked genius of the Wu-Tang Clan;

ristan Tzara — er — piezoelectric frying pan!;

nez Haynes Irwin wrote feminist Radium Age science fiction;
Calamity Jane was as drunk and dirty as any frontier man.


HiLobrow thanks Peggy Nelson, Lynn Peril, Alix Lambert, Gary Panter, Luc Sante, Jerrold Freitag, Jess Bruder, Devin McKinney, David Smay, Tom Nealon, Mark Kingwell, Joshua Glenn, and Catherynne M. Valente, who (respectively) wrote the thirteen HiLo Hero items to which the rondel links. We’re grateful to everyone else who wrote HiLo Hero items in 2012, too: Tor Aarestad, Brian Berger, Barbara Bogaev, Franklin Bruno, Tucker Cummings, Suzanne Fischer, Mike Fleisch, Amanda French, Norman Hathaway, Adam McGovern, Jacob Mikanowski, Dan Nadel, William Nericcio, Chris Spurgeon, and Robert Wringham. We published some 180 HiLo Hero items this year!