1Q2018 Most Visited

March 30, 2018

Here they are! The 10 HILOBROW posts — published during January, February, and March 2018 — that have been visited most frequently, so far, this year.

Top posts published during 1Q2018

  1. (1Q2018) Stephanie Burt’s WOWEE ZOWEE series installment on Blueboy’s Unisex.”There is such a thing as a boy’s heart. But I never had one. Unisex helped me see, and name, and learn to love, what I had instead.”
  2. (1Q2018) Mimi Lipson’s WOWEE ZOWEE series installment on Royal Trux’s Thank You. “Listening to this record was like hanging out with them in their practice space. It was immersive, like a crush, and it kept me company. The songs were like a really fun friendship — like art projects and jams and bad ideas and great ideas.”
  3. (1Q2018) Mark Kingwell’s WOWEE ZOWEE series installment on Portishead’s Dummy. “Dummy was the perfect penumbral soundtrack for my daily bouts of melancholy, punctuated with riffs of anger, frustration and, occasionally, foolish hope.”
  4. (1Q2018) Anindita Basu Sempere’s WOWEE ZOWEE series installment on Tori Amos’s Under the Pink. “Tori questioned everything from religion to relationships. Teen me would have liked answers, but I loved finding a sister who said: You don’t need my voice, girl you have your own.”
  5. (1Q2018) William Nericcio’s WOWEE ZOWEE series installment on Selena’s Amor Prohibido. “Here was a song that embodied what I have since come to call Xicanosmosis, where the tangy guitars and dangerous crooning of Hynde and her band was force-fused with a decidedly “Mexican” consciousness — I say “Mexican” not Mexican, since it came from within the United States.”
  6. (1Q2018) Lynn Peril’s PLANET OF PERIL series installment, “Arm Hair Shame”. “Beginning in the mid-1880s, the trendy sleeveless ball gown showed naked arms along with an expanse of back and bust. As with flapper fashions and miniskirts to come, the public was initially outraged.”
  7. (1Q2018) Adam McGovern’s PANEL ZERO series installment, “Parts Unknown”. An interview with comic book author Steven T. Seagle, about his “graphic essay” collection Get Naked. “I’m getting very interested in chance operation and randomization, which have always been a little part of what I do, but I feel like I know what I’m doing enough [now] that I’m excited when I don’t have control over certain elements of the process that I used to slavishly try to control.”
  8. (1Q2018) Jordan Ellenberg’s WOWEE ZOWEE series installment on The Magnetic Fields’ Get Lost. “This is a record about going out to parties that you listen to alone in your room. Or I did, anyway. It’s a record about going out to parties and standing outside in the snow and looking up at the moon. Which I also did.”
  9. (1Q2018) Alia Ali’s BYO #OBJECT series installment, “The Dress”, about her significant object: a handmade dress given to her by her grandmother and tribal leader. A live audio story recorded at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, this past September, at an event co-hosted by PROJECT:OBJECT’s Rob Walker.
  10. (1Q2018) John Overholt’s WOWEE ZOWEE series installment on Ben Folds Five’s Ben Folds Five. “‘Underground’ is an empowerment anthem played for laughs, but it’s kidding on the square — it really does want to give all the dorks and losers a safe and secret space to be themselves.”

What about HILOBROW posts and pages that weren’t published during 1Q2018? The most visited of these, during 1Q2018, include: Josh Glenn’s list of The 200 Greatest Adventures (1804–1983), HILOBROW’s serialization of W.E.B. DuBois’s Radium Age sci-fi story “The Comet”, and Ingrid Schorr’s “Rockville Girl Speaks”.

Thanks to all of HILOBROW’s contributors! On to 2Q2018…


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