March 26, 2018

Here’s a preview of HILOBROW’s publishing plans for April, May, and June 2018…

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Our weekly ENTHUSIASM series, this year, is: WOWEE ZOWEE. We’ve asked 52 of HILOBROW’s friends and contributors to wax enthusiastic about their favorite albums from the Nineties (1994–2003). Here’s the 2Q2018 lineup:

Rob Wringham on SPICE | Joe Alterio on BEATS, RHYMES AND LIFE | Jason Loeffler on SECOND TOUGHEST IN THE INFANTS | Rick Pinchera on EITHER/OR | Josh Glenn on THE LONESOME CROWDED WEST | Jennifer Krasinski on SUPA DUPA FLY | Sara Ryan on DIG ME OUT | Molly Wright Steenson on I CAN HEAR THE HEART BEATING AS ONE | Luc Sante on MEZZANINE | Franklin Bruno on ENGLAND MADE ME | Crystal Durant on LIVE THROUGH THIS | JC Gabel on DESERTER’S SONGS | Michael Campochiaro on IS THIS DESIRE?

Josh Glenn is the editor of the WOWEE ZOWEE series; he is very grateful to its contributors.

We’ll continue publishing NEW WAVE SCI-FI 75, which aims to identify Josh Glenn’s 75 favorite science-fiction novels published during the Sixties (1964–1973) and Seventies (1974–1983). The 2Q2018 lineup includes:

Brian Aldiss’s Barefoot in the Head (1969), Philip K. Dick‘s A Maze of Death (1970), Joanna Russ‘s And Chaos Died, John Sladek’s The Müller-Fokker Effect (1970), J.G. Ballard’s The Atrocity Exhibition (1970), Stanislaw Lem’s’s The Futurological Congress (1971), Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Lathe of Heaven (1971), Jack Kirby’s Fourth World comics, Robert Silverberg’s A Time of Changes (1971), and M. John Harrison’s The Pastel City (1971).

The complete NEW WAVE SCI-FI 75 list (a work in progress) is here.



Last year, Rob Walker and Josh Glenn co-directed PROJECT:OBJECT, an exercise in nonfiction object-oriented story-telling featuring 100 talented writers (and, for the LOST OBJECTS volume, 25 illustrators too). The results were amazing; PROJECT:OBJECT raised some $3,000.00 for the ACLU; and Rob and Josh are now pitching a LOST OBJECTS book to publishers.

During 2Q2018, PROJECT:OBJECT will begin publishing FLAIR, a new volume of nonfiction object-oriented stories. Rob and Josh have invited 25 writers to tell the world about meaningful objects that they regularly wear or carry — such as bags/purses, belts, jewelry, buttons and pins, eyewear, gloves, handkerchief, headwear and neckwear, formal insignia, canes, wigs, and pocket accessories. Participants in FLAIR so far include: MoMA’s Paola Antonelli, Davy Rothbart of FOUND, and designer/design critic Michael Bierut.

SIGNIFICANT OBJECTS at HILOBROW: PROJECT:OBJECT homepage | PROJECT:OBJECT newsletter | PROJECT:OBJECT objects (Threadless shop — all profits donated to the ACLU) | POLITICAL OBJECTS series (1Q2017) | TALISMANIC OBJECTS series (2Q2017) | ILLICIT OBJECTS series (3Q2017) | LOST OBJECTS vol. 1 series (4Q2017) | FLAIR series (2Q2018) | FOSSIL series (4Q2018). 12 DAYS OF SIGNIFICANCE | 12 MORE DAYS OF SIGNIFICANCE | 12 DAYS OF SIGNIFICANCE (AGAIN) | ANOTHER 12 DAYS OF SIGNIFICANCE . ALSO SEE: SIGNIFICANT OBJECTS website | SIGNIFICANT OBJECTS collection, ed. Rob Walker and Josh Glenn (Fantagraphics, 2012) | TAKING THINGS SERIOUSLY, ed. Josh Glenn (Princeton Architectural Press, 2007) | TAKING THINGS SERIOUSLY excerpts.



Lynn Peril will continue to publish new installments in her monthly series PLANET OF PERIL, which is mostly devoted to examples of what she calls “pink think”: historical ideas and attitudes about what constitutes proper female behavior.

James Parker will continue to bastardize THE KALEVALA, a Finnish sequence of folkloric songs, runes, and charms.

Adam McGovern will continue to interrogate comic-book writers and artists for his twice-quarterly Q&A series PANEL ZERO, which uses comics as the nexus point for ripples or vectors through the culture.

Also, we will publish one new installment in the Adam McGovern-hosted quarterly round-table discussion textshow.



We’ll publish additional installments in Josh Glenn’s BEST ADVENTURES series, which chronicles his attempt to identify his 10 favorite adventures from each year of the 20th century. Here’s the 2Q2018 lineup: BEST 1928 ADVENTURES, from Armageddon 2419 A.D. to The Trumpeter of Krakow | BEST 1933 ADVENTURES, from The Werewolf of Paris to Lost Horizon | BEST 1938 ADVENTURES, from The Sword in the Stone to Epitaph for a Spy | BEST 1943 ADVENTURES, from Double Indemnity to The Ministry of Fear. Each installment will first be published as 10 individual posts.

HiLoBooks will continue serializing THE MAN WHO LOST HIMSELF, an obscure, amusing Avenger/Artful Dodger-type adventure novel by H. De Vere Stacpoole, first published 100 years ago — in 1918.

HILOBROW’s popular list of The 200 Greatest Adventure Novels (1804–1983) is here.



During 2Q2018, HiLoBooks will publish — here at HILOBROW, for the first time online! — three of the RADIUM-AGE INTRODUCTIONS & AFTERWORDS that we commissioned for our 2012–2013 paperback editions of 10 Radium Age science-fiction novels. Here’s the 2Q2018 lineup: James Parker vs. H. Rider Haggard’s When the World Shook | Tom Hodgkinson vs. Edward Shanks’s The People of the Ruins | Erik Davis vs. William Hope Hodgson’s The Night Land.

To mark the 110th anniversary of the publication of Jack London’s Radium Age sci-fi novel THE IRON HEEL, through the end of 2018 HiLoBooks will serialize the 1908 book — at the rate of approximately two installments per month — here at HILOBROW. George Orwell described London as having made “a very remarkable prophecy of the rise of Fascism”; let’s hope London’s prophecy isn’t also applicable to our own era.

HILOBROW’s popular list of The 100 Best Radium Age Sci-Fi Novels is here.



Rob Walker MC-ing the BYO #OBJECT event

In September 2017, PROJECT:OBJECT’s Rob Walker co-hosted an installment in Bring Your Own — a live storytelling series that takes place in unconventional spaces within the New Orleans community. The participants each brought a significant object along, and told a story about what it means to them — hence the moniker BYO #OBJECT. In 2Q2018, we’ll continue cross-posting the stories here.

We’ll publish other curated series during 2Q2018, too — to be determined.


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