No Longer Nature?

By: Matthew Battles
February 10, 2011

Norman Mailer and Marshall McLuhan give a master class in how to be richly, creatively, productively, necessarily wrong. Of course our notions of Nature are looks in the rearview mirror; of course nature is a void — empty, vast, and alive — and we’re far from putting an artificial environment around it. And yet even by giving shape to its character, I put it inside a little art work. Like Diogenes, McLuhan couldn’t satisfy his hunger by rubbing his stomach — and yet we can figure that hunger. And the very limitlessness of that figuration makes it part of nature, too. — via NextNature



What do you think?

  1. The show’s opening sequence is trippy and excellent. I guess that’s a sun symbol moving around jerkily on the screen? Charming!

  2. wowsa! with what whimsical certitude does old marshall school the frowning norman! although i think he drops the ball early on, when norm suggests that the new environment is ‘auto-erotic’ i.e. AN ENORMOUS WANK (diagnosis borne out by subsequent developments) and marshall just coos amiably about ‘psychedelic’ and ‘kaleidoscopic’…

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