By: Adam McGovern

Immortal, like a surgical version of H. Rider Haggard’s SHE.

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Annie Lennox

By: Douglas Wolk

For somebody who’s been batting out the hits for thirty years now, ANNIE LENNOX (born 1954) sure doesn’t make a big deal about it: she’s a consistent, reliable entertainer who sails wherever the winds of […]

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Mama Cass Elliot

By: Katie Hennessey

Contrary to rumor, MAMA CASS ELLIOT (1941-74) did not choke to death on a sandwich. Officially, she died from “heart failure due to fatty myocardial degeneration due to obesity.” Mama Cass wasn’t merely obese, though: […]

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Colin Newman

By: Erik Davis

Now that the radical punch of punk seems no more potent than a daisy in a National Guardsman’s rifle, the artsy-fartsy fundament of its posture has become as evident — and as significant — as […]

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Buddy Holly

By: Lynn Peril

The early death of BUDDY HOLLY (1936-59) transformed him into an icon of the Boomers’ Happy Days-esque vision of American life in the 1950s, all poodle skirts and sock hops at the malt shop, or […]

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