Kern Your Enthusiasm (Intro)

August 1, 2014


HILOBROW is thrilled to announce a new series of posts: KERN YOUR ENTHUSIASM. We’ve invited 25 of our favorite writers and thinkers to take a close look at their favorite (or least favorite) typefaces.

For the next twenty-five days, HILOBROW will publish one post per day: Matthew Battles on ALDINE ITALIC | Adam McGovern on DATA 70 | Sherri Wasserman on TORONTO SUBWAY | Sarah Werner on JOHNSTON’S “HAMLET” | Douglas Wolk on TODD KLONE | Mark Kingwell on GILL SANS | Joe Alterio on AKZIDENZ-GROTESK | Suzanne Fischer on CALIFORNIA BRAILLE | Gary Panter on SHE’S NOT THERE | Deb Chachra on FAUX DEVANAGARI | Peggy Nelson on FUTURA | Tom Nealon on JENSON’S ROMAN | Rob Walker on SAVANNAH SIGN | Tony Leone on TRADE GOTHIC BOLD CONDENSED NO. 20 | Chika Azuma on KUMON WORKSHEET | Chris Spurgeon on ELECTRONIC DISPLAY | Amanda French on DIPLOMA REGULAR | Steve Price on SCREAM QUEEN | Alissa Walker on CHICAGO | Helene Silverman on CHINESE SHIPPING BOX | Tim Spencer on SHATTER | Jessamyn West on COMIC SANS | Whitney Trettien on WILKINS’S REAL CHARACTER | Cintra Wilson on HERMÈS vs. HOTDOG | Jacob Covey on GOTHAM.

KERN YOUR ENTHUSIASM is a follow-up to the 2011 series KIRB YOUR ENTHUSIASM (about Jack Kirby comic-book panels), the 2012 series KIRK YOUR ENTHUSIASM (about Captain Kirk scenes), and the 2013 series HERC YOUR ENTHUSIASM (about old-school hip hop tracks).

KERN YOUR ENTHUSIASM begins today! HiLobrow editor Joshua Glenn invites you to spread the word about the series — the index page for which is — and to leave comments on the series’ individual posts.