A Rondel for HiLo Heroes (5)

By: Joshua Glenn
January 1, 2014

As HiLobrow embarks on its 6th year of publishing, here’s the 5th annual “Rondel for HiLo Heroes” (ABAB/CDDC/EFFEF), in which I celebrate 13 of the HiLo Heroes about whom HILOBROW’s contributors wrote during the preceding year.



illy Stewart orchestrated a “Summertime” explosion;

mile Henry wanted no bourgeois to survive;

ester Stanhope architected her own delusion;

artha Kitt was the most exciting woman alive.

pauline lab


emedios Varo’s painting made Oedipa Maas cry;

ark Pauline’s art liberates the robot;

dgar Ulmer’s films are cruel more often than not;

ikolai Marr’s linguistics were backed by a very bad guy.


aron Swartz sprung knowledge free from every cache;

namuno grappled with the abyss;

ommy Cooper took the metaphysical piss;

ron Sheik rocked a prodigious mustache;
Cindy Sherman’s invisible women are impossible to miss.


HiLobrow thanks Devin McKinney, Luc Sante, Elina Shatkin, Lynn Peril, William Nericcio, Erik Davis, David Smay, Jacob Mikanowski, Matthew Battles, Marilyn Berlin Snell, Greg Rowland, Tom Nealon, and Adam McGovern, who (respectively) wrote the thirteen HiLo Hero items to which the rondel links. We’re grateful to everyone else who wrote HiLo Hero items in 2013, too: Brian Berger, Jerrold Freitag, Gary Panter, Tucker Cummings, Joe Alterio, Joshua Glenn, Mark Kingwell, Alix Lambert, Mike Fleisch, Amanda French, Tor Aarestad, Flourish Klink, Franklin Bruno, Adrienne Crew, Anthony Miller, Robert Wringham, Peggy Nelson, Katie Hennessey, Mimi Lipson, Patrick Cates, Dan Reines, Deb Chachra, Peter Bebergal, Ingrid Schorr, Chris Spurgeon, Suzanne Fischer, and Kio Stark. We published some 190 HiLo Hero items this year!