The First is the Second

By: Matthew Battles
July 5, 2010

The artist Oliver Laric’s short film Vvversions 2010 is a brilliant take on the creative ecology of copies. The film’s unsettling juxtaposition of scenes from animated classic that reuse action with different characters in different contexts is for me a staggering reboot of familiar imagery. “It is a frequent habit,” Laric’s placid narrator intones, “when I discover several resemblances between two things, to attribute to both equally, even on points in which they are in reality different, that which I have recognized to be true of only one of them”— a striking comment on the poetics, and the ethics, of the copy, from beloved animated films to Roman remakes of Greek statuary.


Kudos, Spectacles

What do you think?

  1. and perhaps it’s also a brilliant take on the ecology of quotes, too. Laric’s narrator intones a translation of a bit of Descartes’s Regulae, possibly via Foucault’s Order of Things. and lots of other nice quotes from others (Borges, Sontag, Pamuk, et al.)

  2. How I wish I could see this film. Alas, it seems as though it will take the rest of the weekend to load.

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