Enlarging the Trek Fanfic Canon

By: Matthew Battles
May 13, 2009

THE STAR TREK MYTHOS hosts one of the most flourishing bodies of fan fiction since Euripides and the boys got busy on Homer back in the day (indeed, Trekkies ushered in the modern fan fiction movement). And while the new J. J. Abrams-directed film may not qualify for inclusion, elements of the blockbuster prequel are making their way into the canon’s growing edge.

One mashup interlaces the jumpy audio of the new film’s trailer with the cool/camp visuals of the old:

Another mashup artist has taken the lens-flare treatment notable in the Abrams film (“I love the idea that the future was so bright it couldn’t be contained in the frame,” the director has explained) and applied it to Gene Rodenberry’s stylings:

Finally, a fan has speculated how the old crew might greet the advent of the new film:

Other examples? Let us know!


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