The Bibliophallic Urge

By: Matthew Battles
March 10, 2009

danzigHardcore anti-legend and bibliophile Glenn Danzig talks about his library, which seems to be located in a grotto bathed in the glow of bioluminescent aquatic creatures. His bookishness calls to mind Jorge Luis Borges, who described a universal library that partakes of the infernal:

Man, the imperfect librarian, may be the product of chance or of malevolent demiurgi; the universe, with its elegant endowment of shelves, of enigmatical volumes, of inexhaustible stairways for the traveler and latrines for the seated librarian, can only be the work of a god. To perceive the distance between the divine and the human, it is enough to compare these crude wavering symbols which my fallible hand scrawls on the cover of a book, with the organic characters inside: punctual, delicate, perfectly black, inimitably symmetrical.

Video brought to our attention by Mike McGonigal of Yeti; image of Davis from the blog The National Evil.