The Empire of Hilo

By: Matthew Battles
March 5, 2009


The hilo grip on culture may be esoteric, but it’s intimate and comprehensive.

It’s a storied jazz combo from the mid-twentieth century — featuring Grammy winner Gene Puerling!

It’s a high-concept, low-budget film festival ( with a cute trailer).

It’s sweet, sweet weather.

It’s vintage design.

But it’s also Danica Lo in the New York Post— for sure!

It’s a cool math game for kids, even if its Flash doesn’t work.

It’s open Wednesday through Sunday 8 PM – 2 AM in the warehouse district.

Backwards, it’s a boss band.

In Omaha, it’s poker.

You know it’s carb-smart.

And nothing says “hi-lo” like the phrase “straight to video.”

Hilo is everywhere. But HiLobrow? We have work to do.


Haw-Haw, Jazz, Spectacles