Hadron Age SF: 75 Favorites from 2004–2023

This page will eventually list my favorite 75 science-fiction adventures — novels, graphic novels, an album or two — published during the Twenty-Oughts (2004–2013, according to HILOBROW’s periodization schema) and the Twenty-Tens (2014–2023). At the moment, it […]


Under the direction of Joshua Glenn, the MIT Press’s Radium Age is reissuing notable proto-sf stories from the underappreciated era between 1900–1935. In these forgotten classics, sf readers will discover the origins of enduring tropes […]

BEST 21st CENTURY ADVENTURES — NOTES This page is very much a work in progress, really just notes. JOSH GLENN’S *BEST ADVENTURES* LISTS: BEST 250 ADVENTURES OF THE 20TH CENTURY | 100 BEST OUGHTS ADVENTURES […]