June 27, 2023

Here’s a preview of HILOBROW’s publishing plans for July, August, and September 2023.

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Illustration for HILOBROW by Bishakh Som. Click for larger version.

During 3Q2023, we will publish CURVE YOUR ENTHUSIASM, a series of 25 enthusiastic posts, contributed by 25 HILOBROW friends and regulars, on the topic of reconsidered passions, reassessed hates, and reversed feelings everywhere in-between. Here’s the lineup:

Tom Nealon on PIZZA PURISM | Holly Interlandi on BOY BANDS | Heather Quinlan on THE ’86 METS | Whitney Matheson on THE SMITHS | Bishakh Som on SUMMER | Jeff Lewonczyk on WHOLE BELLY CLAMS | Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER | Nikhil Singh on LOVE ISLAND UK | Adrienne Crew on CILANTRO | Adam McGovern on MISSING PERSONS | Art Wallace on UFOs | Fran Pado on LIVERWURST | Lynn Peril on ELTON JOHN’S GREATEST HITS | Marlon Stern Lopez on ADOLESCENT REBELLION | Juan Gonzalez on STAN & JACK or JACK & STAN | Christopher-Rashee Stevenson on BALTIMORE | Josh Glenn on FOOTLOOSE | Annie Nocenti on SIDEVIEW MIRROR | Mandy Keifetz on BREATHLESS | Brian Berger on HARRY CREWS | Ronald Wimberly on GAMING AND DATING | Michele Carlo on HERITAGE FOODS | Gabriela Pedranti on MADONNA | Ingrid Schorr on MAXFIELD PARRISH AND SUE LEWIN | Mariane Cara on ORANGE

Adam McGovern is the CURVE YOUR ENTHUSIASM series editor. He is very grateful to the series’ contributors, many of whom donated their honoraria to Covenant House, which provides housing and supportive services to youth facing homelessness.


Tom Nealon (shown above) will continue to contribute new installments to CONDIMENT ABECEDARIUM, an apophenic food-history series.


Adam McGovern (shown above) will continue to deliver over-the-transom, on-tangent essays, dialogues and subjective scholarship via his monthly-ish series OFF-TOPIC.


Charlie Mitchell (shown above) will continue to contribute installments to the series HAIKAI. (Haikai are informal, spontaneous collections of linked haiku-like poems.)


Via the series HERMENAUTICA, HILOBROW’s Josh Glenn will continue to present pages scanned from back issues of Hermenaut, the DIY intellectual zine/journal that he edited and published from 1992–2001.


“The Static Electric Effect of Minnie Mouse on Mickey Mouse Balloons,” a 1968 “fiction” by conceptualist photographer Les Krims

Josh will also contribute new installments to MOUSE, a series surveying 20th-century pop-culture mice. Coming up: The Sixties (1964–1973).


Olivia Newton-John, aged 28, portraying a high-schooler. RIP.

The series TEN STAGES OF MAN elaborates on Josh’s human-development hypothesis of that title — as first floated here at HILOBROW in January. Here’s the 3Q2023 lineup:



HILOBROW’s Josh Glenn is editor of the RADIUM AGE series of reissued proto-sf adventures from the MIT Press. During 3Q2023, the following titles will appear:

  • G.K. Chesterton’s THE NAPOLEON OF NOTTING HILL (1904), with a new introduction by Madeline Ashby. Cover illustration by Seth. “More modern than the moderns, more medieval than the medievalists, funnier than all of them — reading Chesterton today is like watching someone give a speech of unimpeachable common sense from the bridge of a departing UFO.” — Atlantic columnist James Parker. Coming August 1. See this title at the MIT Press website.
  • MORE VOICES FROM THE RADIUM AGE, edited and introduced by Joshua Glenn. Cover illustration by Seth. A planetary escape pod, an alien body-snatcher, an underground Alaskan city, and a war between the sexes in Atlantis! Includes stories by Algernon Blackwood, Valery Bryusov, George Allan England, Abraham Merritt, Edith Nesbit, May Sinclair, Booth Tarkington, George C. Wallis, and H.G. Wells. Coming August 1. See this title at the MIT Press website.
  • William Hope Hodgson’s THE NIGHT LAND (1912), with a new introduction by Erik Davis. Cover illustration by Seth. “For all its flaws and idiosyncracies, The Night Land is utterly unsurpassed, unique, astounding. A mutant vision like nothing else there has ever been.” — China Miéville. Coming August 15. See this title at the MIT Press website.

RADIUM AGE SERIES UPDATES: 2022 | 1Q2023 | 2Q2023 | 3Q2023 | 4Q2023. FULL SERIES INFO.


During 3Q2023 we’ll continue to serialize some of Josh’s favorite Radium Age proto-sf stories and novels. Here’s the lineup:

  • Leslie F. Stone’s “When the Sun Went Out” (1929)
  • Francis Stevens’s “Unseen — Unfeared” (1919)
  • Lilith Lorraine’s “The Brain of the Planet” (1929)
  • J. Schlossel’s “Invaders from Outside” (1925)


Illustration from The Principles of Advertising Arrangement (1912)

HILOBROW will publish further installments in the series RADIUM AGE POETRY. Here’s the 3Q2023 lineup:

Marianne Moore’s IN THE DAYS OF PRISMATIC COLOR | Vachel Lindsay’s EUCLID | D.H. Lawrence’s GIVE US GODS | Alfred Noyes’s WATCHERS OF THE SKY | Edna St. Vincent Millay’s EUCLID ALONE | W.J. Turner’s IN TIME LIKE GLASS | Emma Rounds’s PLANE GEOMETRY | Robert Grant’s THE SUPERMAN | D.H. Lawrence’s THE THIRD THING | Ralph Milne Farley’s THE END OF THE WORLD | Robinson Jeffers’s ROAN STALLION | A.S. Eddington’s INFINITY | Karel Čapek’s WHAT OUR AGE HAS DONE | D.H. Lawrence’s ROBOT FEELINGS | Irma Valeria’s LET’S LAUGH AT THE UNIVERSE.



On to 3Q2023…