Code-X (1)

By: Joshua Glenn
April 26, 2014


Here’s a code that we might call CHILD-ADULT, which is dominant in a cultural category that we might call KIDS’ ENTERTAINMENT.

t rex

Definition: Guileless, naïve, gormless, simple-minded, childish behavior in adult form.

donkey shrek

Notes on this code: (1) The child-adult is a holy fool, who speaks truth to power — their lack of maturity and sophistication makes them uniquely capable of summing up situations, perceiving truths that are so obvious they’re invisible. (2) The child-adult makes adulthood look less boringand forbidding, something that children might enjoy. (3) They’re silly, inappropriate, a bull in a china shop, always screwing up — they’re loveable losers, and they humanize the hero, who otherwise might be impossibly perfect. (4) They keep it real — add an element of unpredictability to a good vs. evil narrative that might feel too predetermined.




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