Magister Ludi (5): Holier & Easier

By: Patrick Cates
May 3, 2010

In a knee-jerk response to the large number of completely correct sets of answers I received for the Capitals & Cardinals challenge, I concocted the devilishly difficult Holier Hoes contest. But so devilishly difficult has it proved to be that not one entry has arrived in the Magister Ludi mailbag. Accordingly, instead of announcing a new challenge today, I have decided to breathe life into last week’s dying effort as follows:

  1. The deadline is now 9PM EST on Sunday 9 May.
  2. The 5 not-quite-HiLo-Heroes have been removed; the 35 remaining Holier Hoes are all HiLo Heroes who have been celebrated on
  3. The list below reveals the initials of all the Heroic Hoes.

The rubric is otherwise the same.


Holier Hoes Initially:

  1. Craved Bone Grind (D. C.)
  2. Born Quieter (R. Q.)
  3. Tracheal Burns (A. S.)
  4. Show Erratic Mind (C. S.)
  5. Had Nails Only (L. L.)
  6. Solarium Bug Whirl (W. B.)
  7. Hustling Camcorders (S. L. S.)
  8. Vacant Loser (O. L.)
  9. Rousing Mortals (L. A.)
  10. Hails True Souls (L. A.)
  11. Spots Genre Ruts (P. S.)
  12. Dark Theory Pro (D. P.)
  13. Hurries Rugged Cobra (E. R. B.)
  14. Enhance Dolor (L. C.)
  15. Fake Cranial Hum (C. K.)
  16. Salami Jab Technique (J-M. B.)
  17. Calamity Shock Reel (S. C.)
  18. Shit Reference (T. F.)
  19. Priests Nearby (B. S.)
  20. Prim Anal Nooks (R. P.)
  21. Onstage Cove (S. C.)
  22. Creates Wily Lore (A. C.)
  23. Animal Whistler (W. S.)
  24. Matinee Horror (H. M.)
  25. Herald Thy Hero (T. H.)
  26. Sound Filterer (R. S.)
  27. Reliable Asylum Twit (W. B. Y.)
  28. Inmate Lover (T. V.)
  29. Starring Moron (G. M.)
  30. Path Luminary (H. P.)
  31. Bolder Bugger (R. G.)
  32. Dire Lonely Creative (V. de C.)
  33. Regrets Anagram (M. S.)
  34. Heist Schemer (C. H.)
  35. Garage Slob Elite (G. B.)
Craved Bone Grind
Born Quieter
Tracheal Burns
Show Erratic Mind
Had Nails Only
Solarium Bug Whirl
Hustling Camcorders
Vacant Loser
Article Network
Charitable Sin
Rousing Mortals
Hails True Souls
Spots Genre Ruts
Dark Theory Pro
Hurries Rugged Cobra
Enhance Dolor
Fake Cranial Hum
Salami Jab Technique
Calamity Shock Reel
Shit Reference
Priests Nearby
Prim Anal Nooks
Onstage Cove
Creates Wily Lore
Animal Whistler
Gentler Cooing
Matinee Horror
Herald Thy Hero
Literal Belaboring
Sound Filterer
Reliable Asylum Twit
Inmate Lover
Starring Moron
Path Luminary
Bolder Bugger
Emblematic Honor Twit
Dire Lonely Creative
Regrets Anagram
Heist Schemer
Garage Slob Elite