December 20, 2023

Here’s a preview of HILOBROW’s publishing plans for January, February, and March 2024.

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During 1Q2024, we will publish MÖSH YOUR ENTHUSIASM, a series of 25 enthusiastic posts, contributed by 25 HILOBROW friends and regulars, on the topic of heavy metal songs from the Eighties (1984–1993, in our periodization scheme).

ALSO! In January, we’ll announce a contest — with a prize offered to the HILOBROW reader who submits the best short essay about a favorite 1984–1993 metal song. The winning essay will be published in the MÖSH series. Stay tuned!

Here’s the MÖSH lineup, so far:

Crockett Doob on Metallica’s ENTER SANDMAN | Dean Haspiel on Mötley Crüe’s HOME SWEET HOME | Jack Silbert on Poison’s TALK DIRTY TO ME | Adam McGovern on Dio’s INVISIBLE | Mariane Cara on Faith No More’s EPIC | Heather Quinlan on Blue Öyster Cult’s SHOOTING SHARK | Steve Schneider on UFO’s DIESEL IN THE DUST | Carlo Rotella on Primus’ JERRY WAS A RACE CAR DRIVER | Erik Davis on St. Vitus’ BORN TOO LATE | Greg Rowland on Motörhead’s ACE OF SPADES remix | Kathy Biehl on Twisted Sister’s WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT | Nikhil Singh on G.I.S.M.’s GAS BURNER PANIC | Erin M. Routson on Metallica’s ESCAPE | Holly Interlandi on Helmet’s MILQUETOAST | Marc Weidenbaum on Celtic Frost’s I WON’T DANCE (THE ELDERS’ ORIENT) | Amy Keyishian on Living Colour’s CULT OF PERSONALITY | Josh Glenn on Scorpions’ STILL LOVING YOU | Alycia Chillemi on Danzig’s SOUL ON FIRE | James Parker on Godflesh’s CHRISTBAIT RISING | Miranda Mellis on The Afflicted’s HERE COME THE COPS | Rene Rosa on Type O Negative’s BLACK NO. 1 | Tony Leone on Slayer’s SOUTH OF HEAVEN | Christopher Cannon on Neurosis’s LOST | Brian Berger on Black Sabbath’s HEADLESS CROSS | MÖSH CONTEST-WINNING ENTRY: Tony Pacitti on Metallica’s THE CALL OF KTULU. PLUS: CONTEST RUNNER-UP: James Scott Maloy on Accept’s MIDNIGHT MOVER.

Heather Quinlan is the MÖSH YOUR ENTHUSIASM series editor. She is very grateful to the series’ contributors, many of whom donated their honoraria to Covenant House, which provides housing and supportive services to youth facing homelessness.


Adam McGovern (shown above) will continue to deliver over-the-transom, on-tangent essays, dialogues and subjective scholarship via his monthly-ish series OFF-TOPIC.


Tom Nealon (shown above) will continue to contribute new installments to CONDIMENT ABECEDARIUM, an apophenic food-history series.


SEMIOPUNK is an irregular series dedicated to surfacing examples (and predecessors) of the sf subgenre that HILOBROW was the first to name “semiopunk.” The 1Q2024 lineup includes:

William Burroughs’s THE SOFT MACHINE | Stanislaw Lem’s SOLARIS | Moebius’s LE GARAGE HERMÉTIQUE | Kurt Vonnegut’s CAT’S CRADLE | William Burroughs’s NOVA EXPRESS | Samuel R. Delany’s BABEL-17.


© Lawrence Hutcheson. Click for closer view.

HILOBROW friend (and brother-in-law) Lawry Hutcheson will return with a third year’s worth of gorgeous linocut calendar art — via the series LINOCUT 2024.


George Arents Collection, The New York Public Library. “Baboon.”

HILOBROW will publish further installments in the series RADIUM AGE POETRY. Here’s the 1Q2024 lineup:

William Stanley Braithwaite’s DEL CASCAR | F.V. Brandford’s THE MOON | Arthur Stanley Eddington’s “THERE ONCE WAS A BREATHY BABOON” | Michael Roberts’ PERSPECTIVE | Arthur Schnitzler’s LEINBACH’S PROOF | & more RADIUM AGE POETRY.




Harvey Kurtzman and Wally Wood‘s “Superduperman” (1953), which in 1986 would inspire Alan Moore’s “Watchmen.”

FIRST TIME AS COMEDY will investigate the first-time-as-comedy phenomenon. As HILOBROW friend Greg Rowland was the first to point out, this is a pop-culture syndrome wherein a satirical or comedic entertainment is remade — without acknowledgment, in almost every case — as a tragedy, drama, or melodrama.


Mikolajus Ciurlionis’s Star Sonata. Allegro (1908). Čiurlionis, a Lithuanian painter and composer, was one of the pioneers of abstract art in Europe.

During 1Q2024, we’ll begin publishing RADIUM AGE ART, a series exploring sf-adjacent artwork created during the genre’s emergent Radium Age (1900–1935). Here’s the 1Q2024 lineup:

1900 | 1901 | 1902 | 1903 | 1904 | 1905 | 1906 | 1907 | 1908.


HILOBROW’s Josh Glenn is editor of the RADIUM AGE series of reissued proto-sf adventures from the MIT Press. During 1Q2024, the following titles will appear:

  • THE INHUMANS AND OTHER STORIES: A SELECTION OF BENGALI SCIENCE FICTION, edited and translated by Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay. Cover illustration by Seth. “A genuine moment of science fiction’s arrival in interwar Bengal.” — Anindita Banerjee. See this title at the MIT Press website.
  • Charlotte Haldane’s MAN’S WORLD (1926), with a new introduction by Philippa Levine. Cover illustration by Seth. “A volatile admixture of feminist revelations with racially biased eugenic theorizing.” — Alexandra Minna Stern. See this title at the MIT Press website.


“Then, suddenly the room began to come apart…” (original illustration)

As we have done for over ten years now, we’ll continue to serialize some of Josh’s favorite Radium Age proto-sf stories and novels. Here’s the 1Q2024 lineup:

  • May Sinclair’s “Where Their Fire is Not Quenched” (1922)
  • Harriet Prescott Spofford’s “The Ray of Displacement” (1903)
  • Van Tassel Sutphen’s The Doomsman (1905–1906)
  • Irene Clyde’s Beatrice the Sixteenth (1909)



The following will be cross-posted to HILOBROW from elsewhere.

12 DAYS OF SIGNIFICANCE is an ongoing, seasonal series of stories originally written — by HILOBROW contributors and friends — for Josh Glenn and Rob Walker’s 2009–2010 anthropological-literary experiment SIGNIFICANT OBJECTS. Here are the five series installments that will appear (as part of the ninth edition of this series) in January 2024:

Tom Vanderbilt on MARINES LOGO MUG | Adam Harrison Levy on STAR OF DAVID PLATE | Aimee Bender on SEAHORSE LIGHTER | Bruce Holland Rogers on UMBRELLA TRINKET | Bruno Maddox on THAI HOOKS.


On to 1Q2024…