Eye Candy (21)

By: Peggy Nelson
September 24, 2019

Eye Candy‘s eye was caught by these mesmerizing altered photographs by Amy Friend. Sourcing vintage photos, she pokes holes or slices gashes, then lights them from behind and re-photographs. The results of this deceptively simple technique are evocative; such is the power of light and the hint of worlds beyond the frame.

As Leonard Cohen reminded us,

There is a crack, a crack in everything /
That’s how the light gets in.

And if there isn’t? Make one.

Latent Light

Break on through to the other side

“The title of the series, Multi-verse, references what cosmologists and physicists describe as parallel universes, where alternate realities exist. The photographs here relate to the idea of a multiverse through their variances in time, location, subject matter and visual disruptions via the altered surface and light that emanates through the perforations. In addition to the specifics of the multiverse definition, I play with the meaning of the word “multiverse” by breaking it apart (multi-verse) to reference the numerous stories or “verses” we may encounter or recall through these photographs.”
– Amy Friend, Multi-verse series

Snake Oil


“I have continued to work on the Dare alla Luce series over a period of time; initially responding to a collection of vintage photographs, retrieved from a variety of sources. … In a playful and yet, literal manner, I return the subjects of the photographs back to the light, while simultaneously bringing them forward. The images are permanently altered; they are lost and reborn, hence the title, Dare alla Luce, an Italian term meaning, “to bring to the light” in reference to birth.”
– Amy Friend, Dare alla Luce series



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