Eye Candy (47)

By: Peggy Nelson
May 25, 2021

Do you like rock’n’roll? Do you like music videos? Do you like mashups? Do you like rhetorical questions?

Eye Candy is happy to present some of the best mashups in the audio/visual space. Many mashups are just audio combinations and overlays, and that’s fine. But Aussie producer Tom Compagnoni has gone more than one better with his project Wax Audio: the videos are mashed up as well, and both audio and video tracks are carefully sectioned and blended to produce new work stunning in its own right.

From the website:

Wax Audio is not done for profit.

There’s no money in this.

I do it purely for the love of making mashups and sharing them with the world.

— Tom Compagnoni

For more bands and more mashups, see www.waxaudio.com.au.


Wax Audio: website, video highlights, Twitter, YouTube
Tom Compagnoni: website, Twitter



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  1. Brilliant. I could listen to these all day, and I think I’m about to do so.

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