Blow Up Your Comics (15)

By: John Hilgart
May 6, 2012

Fifteenth in a series of thirty posts by John Hilgart. HiLobrow yields to no one in our admiration for his spelunkery into the mysterious and gorgeous depths of comics that we grew up reading without ever noticing what he’s shown us. Check out the manifesto and FAQ of Hilgart’s 4CP project.

Temple of Benday

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CREDITS: Where Creatures Roam 2, September 1970, Marvel. Art: Don Heck.


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What do you think?

  1. I love the title of this image, and the thought there might be such a place, somewhere, releasing a constant stream of dots that are of equal size and distribution in a specific area, no matter how lost their cause may seem today.

  2. This is the thing I love about this series: the pointillist coloration Conjoined with linear impressionist detail hidden in every comic panel. As a very nearsighted child (didn’t get glasses til age 13) this is why I loved the texture of comic books so much!

  3. Sidney, you are the ideal reader of this series.

    By the way, I was also a nearsighted 13-year-old who didn’t wear glasses. Now we need to find out whether John Hilgart was too?

  4. I love the description “pointillist coloration conjoined with linear impressionist detail.” I wasn’t a nearsighted comic book reader, but I was obsessed with detailed miniatures of all sorts, which perhaps fed into my comic reading experience. There are quite a few images on the 4CP blog that I actually remembered from 30+ years ago, which suggests that I was picking them out, at least unconsciously, even then.

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