Blow Up Your Comics (30)

By: John Hilgart
July 28, 2012

Thirtieth in a series of thirty posts by John Hilgart. HiLobrow yields to no one in our admiration for his spelunkery into the mysterious and gorgeous depths of comics that we grew up reading without ever noticing what he’s shown us. Check out the manifesto and FAQ of Hilgart’s 4CP project.

Inside the Baxter Building

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CREDITS: Fantastic Four Annual #3, 1965.


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  1. I. Love these diagrams — they died out sometime in the mid-80s didn’t they?

    I wonder when and which was the last cut-away headquarters diagram published? I can’t think of one after Defenders #50 off hand.

    Perhaps we should run a series….

  2. Hi, Greg! I think the headquarters cutaway survived into the present as part of all those coffee table books about the Marvel and DC “universes.” There are a number of old ones on the blog Comic Book Cartography, but as far as I know, no one has even catalogued all that appeared in the golden and silver ages.

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