Exquisite Corpse (3)

By: Peggy Nelson
March 6, 2012

It’s that time again! HILOBROW has asked its new AiRs to play a game of Exquisite Corpse; the results of this game will inaugurate each virtual residency. The pieces were created independently of each other. Each narrative may stand alone, but we invite you to consider them standing together.

Bob&Lila is a sound piece by Mike Fleisch, sourced from interview quotes from Don DeLillo and Julia Roberts, and those of “their characters.” The audio is generated by Moira and Daniel, of the OSX speech utility.

The drawings are from Alix Lambert’s Martha series, in which she investigates the extinction of the passenger pigeon, a species once so numerous in North America that the skies would be darkened for days by flocks’ passing. Martha, the last of her kind, was resident in the Cincinnati Zoo, and died in 1914. The taxidermied remains are now archived at the Smithsonian, and not currently on display.


[Mike Fleisch, writing, sound, vocals; Alix Lambert, drawings; Peggy Nelson, editing. Created for HILOBROW’s artist-in-residence challenge, March, 2012.]


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