Eye Candy (10)

By: Peggy Nelson
October 28, 2011

Today Eye Candy picks pixels IRL. Admit it: haven’t you always wanted to be a post-it?

[Steve Jobs in Apple Store window, Munich, Germany; 4001 post-it notes]


North Korea Mass Games, photographed by Werner Kranwetvogel:

[North Korea 2011 Mass Games highlights with English subtitles (1 of 2), by Rjayboxing, 2011]


Dispatches from the Post-it Wars in France:

[Images from Postitwar.com]


A pixel-hunt! Very Nearly Almost visits street artist Invader:

[Invader x VNA, by Very Nearly Almost, 2011]


And back in the office, post-it slinkys:

[Extreme Sticky Note Experiments by Fritz & Stephen, 2009]


Have a nice day, everybody.


Haw-Haw, Kudos