State of the Art

By: Peggy Nelson
April 7, 2011

Does state-of-the-art technology breed only state-of-the-technology art?

Today at 2pm EST I will be a guest on Erik Davis’ internet radio show, Expanding Mind. We’ll be talking about Twitter novels, search-engine oracles, psychogeography, and why conceptual art should be funny. Along the way we’ll weigh how to navigate models of the Self in post-Enlightenment spaces, and LARPing your way through life. Or at least through the interwebs.

Listen live here.

(Interview will be available on the Progressive Radio website as a podcast, post-event.)


Erik Davis, the author of Techgnosis, The Visionary State, and Led Zeppelin IV, is an internationally published writer and cultural critic, and posts the series POP ARCANA on HiLobrow.

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What do you think?

  1. Thanks Justin, I think it went really well! Erik and Maja asked great questions, and we talked about doing art for Burning Man, using scientific imagery, how to do Fluxus-style derives on vacation (or at other times), installing distributed and discontinuous narratives in both RL and online, and using Twitter as a recording medium for everyday epiphanies, which of course boot us out of the everyday, every day.

    It’s now a podcast, available here, and I’ll probably transcribe some of it and fold pieces into future posts:

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